You just get there quick, don't you?
Sat Dec 23, 2017 19:06

What in Merlin’s name was wrong with Hunter?

It wasn’t like this was the first time Dade had interacted with Hunter, because Hunter was in his year. The kid was like Kit, except actually more annoying, and Dade wasn’t allowed to just hex him whenever he wanted to shut him up. That had resulted in a lot of him avoiding Hunter when he could, and a lot of fantasizing about hexing him when he couldn’t. But he could, usually, because Hunter had the attention span of a beetle and as long as Dade stood very still, he was pretty sure Hunter couldn’t actually see him. And Hunter talked a lot normally, but as Hunter was talking, Dade was just staring at him. And then Hunter turned around and started jumping.

“I could stop you from jumping by using a body-bind curse,” Dade said conversationally to Hunter’s back as the other second-year bounced up and down. “Or I could see if I can freeze you like an icicle. I haven’t been able to do it with Kit yet but 101 Hexes for Daily Use says that it’s pretty simple. I don’t know what they’re comparing it against, though.” Uh-oh. Why was he saying this out loud? It was stuff he’d say out loud to Kit or in front of Remington, but it was definitely absolutely not stuff he’d say out loud in front of anyone else and especially not to anyone besides Kit. And doubly especially not to Hunter, who was probably likely to repeat it to other people even if he didn’t tattle directly to a teacher.

“I’m just kidding. No I’m not just kidding, I’m just saying that so you won’t tell on me,” wait why was that coming out of Dade’s mouth? The next few words were things he had heard Rose say, usually in front of (and to) their father, and usually when he suspected she was trying to make him mad. They weren’t words he usually repeated. By the time he was done, the line had moved incrementally forward. “There, we’ve moved a little. Now you can concentrate on your stupid leaves and not on what I just said I did not say that,” Dade snapped at himself. “Merlin bless, why do I keep saying things? Is this your fault?” he asked Hunter, glaring at him.

Potions was a subject Dade was strong in, but Dade was strong in most subjects. Potions was not a subject Hunter was strong in, as evidenced by the fact that despite being a second-year just like Dade, Hunter made just as many accidents as, if not more than, the first-years. Hunter was as bad as Kit. Kit was maybe better than Hunter, actually, because Kit sometimes listened to Drew and just sat there licking things instead of singeing her eyebrows. It was therefore not beyond consideration that Hunter was bad at other things too, and had accidentally cast a charm or spilled a potion that was making Dade say the things he was thinking.

  • Drop the 'h' and you'll be fine - Hunter Ioma, Sat Dec 23 15:48
    Hunter ran. He had eaten as quickly as he could and then run out to the quidditch pitch to spend some time working on his speed. He was pretty good at intercepting passes and could dodge a bludger... more
    • You just get there quick, don't you? - Dade, Sat Dec 23 19:06
      • As long as I'm quicker than you - Hunter, Sat Dec 23 19:57
        “I could stop you from jumping by using a body-bind curse, or I could see if I can freeze you like an icicle.” “Jump, jump, jump, spin! ” Exclaimed Hunter excitedly as he did a one-eighty to turn... more
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