Mikael Lundqvist
Is this how to stop?
Thu Dec 28, 2017 20:58

When the instruction to fetch fresh leaves for their Potions class today had been given, Anssi had quickly and obediantly gotten up from his seat. Some of the students seemed to be hanging back, like they were waiting for the queue to get shorter. But although Anssi's experience with queues was short (because he was young) it was also pretty thorough (because queues were the top priority of both Finns and Swedes, and he was a fenno-Swede). If a queue was started, and you needed to be in it, better to join it now and be patient than wait around and watch.

However, when he noticed Remmonton walking quite aggressively in the opposite direction, Anssi was tempted to leave his spot in the queue. Leaving wasn't a good idea, obviously, and he would never, ever do that in Umeċ. Mamma had taught him to be practical and think about long-term goals. That was how he could be so calm waiting in queues, because he knew he would get to where he needed to be. But also, Pappa had taught him that it was important to pay attention to what was around him, so that he could intervene or keep away, whatever was most appropriate.

Right now, it seemed most appropriate for him to intervene. The way that Remintang was walking was a little intimidating to him, but she was his friend and was fun and also had a really fun cat. It was important for everything with them to be okay. So, with an apologetic shrug to Huburt, who was behind him in the queue (and who looked happy to take his spot but apologizing was still a polite thing to do), the blonde boy stepped out of line. "Rummyten," he called towards her, "are you being okej? Are you only seeking for a partner? Because I still do not have one."

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    • Is this how to stop? - Mikael Lundqvist, Thu Dec 28 20:58
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