Huburt Park
But since you already started...
Fri Dec 29, 2017 00:28

"Oh, you're leaving?" Huburt questioned as the other first-year scooted out of line. Well, it wasn't really a question because Anselm was obviously walking away and that meant his spot was up for grabs. But Huburt was considerate. He liked to give other people a chance to correct their mistakes, and it made him proud to know that this was the right thing to do. After all, he was basically done his first year, and his efforts at encouraging Andrew to focus more on academics were already paying off. In all of their most recent conversations, he had gotten a chance to clear up Andrew's confusion on various topics and his roommate had not only listened attentively but even taken notes. According to his snooping general interest in his well-being, Andrew's grades were improving, which Huburt was very pleased with. It was clearly a result of his support.

At the confirmation that yes, the spot ahead was now free for the taking, Huburt nodded. His disappointment at the other boy not taking the valuable opportunity to follow his hints and stay in line was fairly soon overbalanced by his satisfaction at getting to move ahead. Maybe he should have tried harder to get Anselm to stay. Except then he wouldn't have gotten closer to the supply cupboard. Besides, improving other people's academic committment was hard work - definitely more time and effort than he could afford to spare during class hours. "Bye, then." Huburt took a few small steps forward. Then a few more, and more, and finally he was able to collect his ingredients. No more leaves than what he needed, of course. Professor Hier wasn't at all like what Huburt had imagined, but he was still an authority figure by virtue of being a professor, and Huburt would respect his qualifications (and assume he had them) unless proven otherwise.

Conveniently, it was around the time of this thought that he heard an unsettling crash, followed by the sight of Professor Hier speeding off to rescue what appeared to be none other than Katherine. Huburt sighed loudly. His year-mate was a particularly hopeless case. He was convinced that she had either ignored or forgotten everything that he had tried to educate her on. Well, he still had six more years to work on that...

Upon returning to his seat, he realized that Annie, the older Draco who had previously been sitting beside him, had moved to pair off with Skylar Kimmel instead. Huburt was, once again, briefly a fraction disappointed but then satisfied. This time, the satisfaction came from realizing that he had been given a chance to pick a more intelligent partner. Excellent! A glance around showed him that Connor Farnon was a few seats down and working alone. Connor was a superior choice to Annie, and Huburt efficiently gathered up his supplies to shift himself closer. "Hello-" Oh, Connor didn't seem to be greeting him. What was he talking about? "What are you talking about? Or, rather, who are you talking about, and why are you concerned or unconcerned about causing offense? That is a more productive phrasing." ...And that final sentence was definitely an unnecessary verbal contribution. How peculiar.

[OOC: written by Sasha]

  • I feel like I should just avoid talking - Connor Farnon, Sat Dec 16 14:22
    The second half of his third year had not, thus far, been particularly great for Connor Farnon. First the thing with Marley had happened, then she had gone and upset Claudia, Huburt existed, and then ... more
    • But since you already started... - Huburt Park, Fri Dec 29 00:28
      • I suppose I ought to finish - Connor, Sat Dec 30 08:38
        Although there were better people for him to be seated next to, given the circumstances, Connor wasn’t too opposed to one of them being Huburt Park. Generally, he found the boy unduly smug and... more
        • Let me help with that - Huburt, Sun Dec 31 22:10
          Huburt listened with obvious interest as Connor began to explain. He was a bit skeptical of Connor, having witnessed a few classes where the older student had engaged in completely immature... more
          • I don't think that's helping - Connor, Tue Jan 2 21:04
            “I wasn’t blunt,” Connor objected, finding it the easiest piece of what Huburt said to deal with. “Well maybe I was. No I wasn’t!” he didn’t understand why he was arguing with himself out loud in... more
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