Those are convenient
Fri Dec 29, 2017 09:15

It was almost always in a lady’s best interest to do as she was told when the instructions were given by a worthy source. Claudia, in this case, definitely fit into that category. Darlene had an ardently installed respect for her elders (whom societal standards deemed worthy, in any case), and while the other girl was only about two years older than her, it nonetheless applied. Claudia was a good girl. She would know what to do.

So while it was difficult not to be at least a touch hysterical at the fact that she’d just somewhat loudly spelled out her feelings for Drew Tennant, who was probably not the most fitting choice for someone of her status, Darlene did her best to take Claudia’s advice in stride. She took a deep breath to compose herself and gave a small nod. There was another moment of near panic as Claudia reported Drew’s whereabouts, although the preemptive reminder to settle did well to force her back down. Darlene had gotten the distinct impression that honesty was very rarely a virtue in life, but in this case, she appreciated it from Claudia.

“Okay,” the Lyra said weakly, mostly to herself. “Okay.” But she was completely blown away by Claudia’s next questions, so much so that she completely ignored what was said after about some sort of behavior-altering vapor. “What?!” Darlene marvelled, then remembered to keep her voice down. “I want him to like me because I like him,” she continued quietly. “But he can’t just go around knowing that. It makes me look bad, especially if he doesn’t like me. Then I look foolish. I’d rather just not know for sure how he feels than to definitely know he doesn’t and feel stupid.”

“I’m very scared that he’s heard me,” Darlene reiterated, still speaking in as hushed a tone as she could in this state of nervousness. “What should I do?”

  • A common ground - Claudia, Sun Dec 17 15:40
    Before she’d even begun to contemplate why she had felt it appropriate to voice aloud her personal feelings about other students to somebody other than Connor, least of all to Darlene Knight - a... more
    • Those are convenient - Darlene, Fri Dec 29 09:15
      • Sure why not - Claudia, Sat Dec 30 18:05
        While it seemed to be a struggle for the younger girl, Darlene did heed Claudia’s advice and began to settle down, at least temporarily ceasing her panicked outbursts. She did allow another to escape ... more
        • Now that was a creative title. - Darlene, Wed Jan 3 16:11
          Darlene startled slightly at the bluntness with which Claudia spoke about Drew. A part of her was quite offended by this, but in her insulting Drew, Claudia was also complimenting her, and the larger ... more
          • Plenty more where that came from - Claudia, Fri Jan 5 07:50
            Darlene was under the impression that girls could not date each other, apparently regardless of the circumstances. Claudia was loathe to disabuse her, but unfortunately the shrieked conversation of... more
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