Yes, we're getting much closer
Fri Dec 29, 2017 15:56

Teal had been crossing her fingers under the table after her terrifying confession. Marley gawped at her, and Teal couldn't tell if it was in a good way or a shocked way or a scared way. There were too many ways this could go, and like, what if it didn't work? Teal couldn't take the tension and was about to burst when the other girl finally spoke. Marley wasn't horrified!! Marley in fact started talking about dating, and it was such a shame and a surprise that no one had dated Marley because Marley was funny and sweet and pretty.

The Draco nodded along frantically as Marley said she was surprised, she didn't know Teal liked girls that way, but she liked the idea of dating Teal more than dating someone elSE. Teal felt a pang of fear (was Marley rebounding?) but smiled in relief as Marley said. Weird that her uncle was dating someone for so long without marrying, but like, whatever, do what makes you happy. That's what Mom and Dad always said, and hopefully they'd be okay with “dating a girl.”

”But maybe we should go on a date. I mean, we’re at least friends already, which is better than any of the boys I used to like. And dates seem basically the same as hanging out except you can hold hands too, right? That seems fun. I’ve never held hands with anyone before--” Marley flailed with her pencil and seemed to have difficulty existing, but that was okay, because Teal was also dead. We should go on a date. We should go on a date! We. Should. Go. On. A. Date. Marley liked her. Marley liked her!! MARLEY LIKED HER! M A R L E Y L I K E D H E R

Marley was still talking about how it was weird that she was still talking. Which was fine, because it had taken that long for Teal’s brain to make thoughts other than “DATE WITH MARLEY!” Except Teal didn't want any other thoughts. Because DATE with MARLEY. She stood up, knocking her chair backwards, and smacked her hands down on the table.

“I’m going on a DATE!” She proclaimed loudly, beaming at Marley. “With MARLEY! A DAAAAAAAAAAATE!” She gave another loud whoop and tried to sit down on the knocked-over chair, stumbled, caught herself on the table, and slid sideways onto Marley’s chair.

“Hi. Whoops. Hi Marley. I'm very excited that we’re gonna go on a daaaaaate!” She realized how close they were and frantically grabbed her own chair, meaning to move back over. What if Marley wasn't quite as excited as she was? What if Marley didn't want the whole entire world to know yet, the way Teal did?

“I'm sorry if you didn't want me to shout it to everyone? I'm just so excited!! But like. Maybe you wanted this kept on the downlow. I don't know. But I said it cos I still can't help saying everything? Which wasn't great? But then it was, cos I finally got to tell you, and I KNOW you said how you feel because I said how I felt, so, like, this is good, right? This is good?”

  • Something really weird was obviously happening. Marley usually talked a lot. Like her gran said, there wasn’t a gate to slow down anything from moving between her brain and her mouth, or maybe even... more
    • Yes, we're getting much closer - Teal, Fri Dec 29 15:56
      • Yay! - Marley, Sat Dec 30 17:30
        It ended up being totally fine that Marley's attention had scampered off very briefly for a bit of a walk, because now Teal was talking and she was talking loudly . And also standing up. And smashing ... more
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