Good for you
Fri Dec 29, 2017 16:10

“Oh, sometimes you get Es,” Dylan repeated, with a hint of sarcasm, which he immediately felt bad about, but he kept talking in spite of his resolve to bite his tongue, “I sometimes get Os, and would have liked to again today but I guess that’s -“ he physically slapped a hand over his own mouth to stop that sentence from finishing. He didn’t quite manage that, but it was muffled enough that he didn’t think Kit would be able to understand it. Though she could *probably* extrapolate that it had been insulting. “It is Kit after all,” he said, fortunately still into his hand.

“I need to start thinking nice things about you, too,” Dylan continued, letting his hand down for that part, though he kept his hand close to his mouth in case it started running off on its own again. “What do her socks look like today?” he wondered and looked toward her feet.

Fortunately, she - “of all people” he mumbled - managed to redirect them to the work at hand. “No,” he said louder, “I didn’t, but I can go get some while you set up a cauldron.”

He got up and fled for the appropriate potions cabinet to get the fresh sneezewort before he could say anything else insulting now that she had brought up her disaster that had sent Professor Rob out of the room. “But I’m glad you’re good at stirring,” he managed, then pressed his hand over his mouth again because that couldn’t be the only remark forthcoming.

He was right, but it was muffled and he was hurrying away.

  • Well at least I'm not wrong - Kit, Wed Dec 20 10:58
    Dylan was saying a lot of very confusing things that made Kit very confused, as confusing things often did. Was he trying to confuse her on purpose? But he seemed to think that Kit wasn’t very good... more
    • Good for you - Dylan, Fri Dec 29 16:10
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