I suppose I ought to finish
Sat Dec 30, 2017 08:38

Although there were better people for him to be seated next to, given the circumstances, Connor wasn’t too opposed to one of them being Huburt Park. Generally, he found the boy unduly smug and irritating, particularly given that Huburt corrected people on things that were really none of his business, but Connor was relatively certain that Huburt was the sort of person who might even agree with him on the appropriateness of Professor Hier as a teacher.

“I just feel that Professor Hier,” Connor always referred to professors formally, although this particular professor had insisted they call him Professor Rob on the first day of class each school year, “could be more polite. Just because he is confined to a wheelchair does not mean he is confined to being rude. Although some people might find it rude for me to say that about - “ at this point, Connor typically would have said something like ‘someone who is confined in a wheelchair’ or ‘a handicapped person’, but instead the word that fell out of his mouth was one that he definitely and for sure was not a word he should say. He turned a bit pink and backed up. “And some people would find that offensive. You probably won’t because you seem to be a logical person, even if it is annoying when you correct people about things.” Well that last bit was entirely unnecessary. What in the world was wrong with him today?

When it came down to it, Connor would admit that there were a number of words that he used mentally that some would find distasteful, largely when it came to people that he was annoyed at and belonged to groups that he would consider unfit for pureblood living. He had been known to refer to Muggleborns as Mudbloods, internally or to Dade, but he did know that was a word that he should avoid saying in front of others, including his older sister. And there were similar words for other groups of people; words that Connor had largely picked up from listening to conversations between his father and his stepmother. But they were things one just didn’t say in company, and Connor was excellent at making his speech polite and avoiding things one might find offensive. Of course, Connor was also a truthful person, so that made some interactions - such as the one with Andrew Tennant - a little bit difficult.

  • But since you already started... - Huburt Park, Fri Dec 29 00:28
    "Oh, you're leaving?" Huburt questioned as the other first-year scooted out of line. Well, it wasn't really a question because Anselm was obviously walking away and that meant his spot was up for... more
    • I suppose I ought to finish - Connor, Sat Dec 30 08:38
      • Let me help with that - Huburt, Sun Dec 31 22:10
        Huburt listened with obvious interest as Connor began to explain. He was a bit skeptical of Connor, having witnessed a few classes where the older student had engaged in completely immature... more
        • I don't think that's helping - Connor, Tue Jan 2 21:04
          “I wasn’t blunt,” Connor objected, finding it the easiest piece of what Huburt said to deal with. “Well maybe I was. No I wasn’t!” he didn’t understand why he was arguing with himself out loud in... more
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