Sat Dec 30, 2017 17:30

It ended up being totally fine that Marley's attention had scampered off very briefly for a bit of a walk, because now Teal was talking and she was talking loudly. And also standing up. And smashing her hands down on the desk, but not in a destructive smashy kind of way, more of an uncontainably excited kind of way. And crashing her chair over, which was totally in a destructive way even though Marley was pretty sure she had hit it by accident, because there was a big difference between bumping into a chair and actually knocking it all the way to the ground. And not even only talking anymore, but more specifically shouting. The word 'date' seemed like an especially big deal for her.

Marley supposed it was a big deal. Like, she had thought about what might happen if someone else agreed to go on a date with her, and she knew that some kind of happy shrieking would be involved. But she'd never gotten the chance to properly try it out, since no one had ever properly agreed to go on a date with her (Connor didn't count for obvious reasons) (the reasons were that he was rude and mean and an egghead). She didn't think that she would jump up and yell like Teal just did, but she really had no idea. Maybe she would? Anyways, Teal was obviously happy, and not just obvious because she was saying how happy she was. Well, she hadn't exactly said the word happy, but she had said excited and great and other big smiley words, and Marley knew that meant the same thing as happy. She thought it would've been obvious even if Teal hadn't said anything at all!

The dark-skinned girl squeaked in surprise when Teal landed on top of her, but it wasn't like Teal was big enough to smush her, so she quickly recovered and flashed a bright grin. "It's okay!" On impulse, she hugged Teal. Marley was normally a huggy person and hugged all of her friends regularly, so it wasn't weird to hug now, although it was kinda special and different since now there was a warm fuzzy feeling inside of her, like her insides were being hugged too. She didn't know what they were being hugged by, but it didn't matter because Teal was right here and now she was gonna date her friend and that sounded like an awesome idea.

"And yeah, it's good!" Marley continued brightly. "I guess we should probably finish our classwork now, but, like, I really wanna just plan our date now! There are so many cool things we can do together. Like, ice-skating. Or I guess it's warm outside now, so we could go roller-skating instead. There must be a place that we can rent roller skates on Pearl Street. Or we can go to the music store. Or go have food. Lunch is, like, a really standard type of date, right? And movies too? I don't like movies that much, but I don't watch them normally so maybe that's why, and I haven't been to a theatre in forever and it would be fun to try that. Oooh but the ice-cream place is amazing!"

  • Yes, we're getting much closer - Teal, Fri Dec 29 15:56
    Teal had been crossing her fingers under the table after her terrifying confession. Marley gawped at her, and Teal couldn't tell if it was in a good way or a shocked way or a scared way. There were... more
    • Yay! - Marley, Sat Dec 30 17:30
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