Marley Chapman [2nd year, Lyra]
Why leave? This isn't too bad!
Tue Jan 24, 2017 18:44


She couldn’t stop. She couldn’t stop giggling, either, and every successive hiccough was immediately followed by a sudden outburst of giggles. Marley normally struggled to pay attention in class - or, more specifically, she paid attention well enough, and could even stay focused fairly well in the short term, but constantly fell out of focus by the halfway mark. Today, however, focus seemed like it was going to be totally impossible. How was she supposed to listen to what Mister Rob was saying when her throat was doing that funny tight thing and--


It was a funny sound. Like, ridiculous. She giggled.

Marley had pulled out her notebook when she first entered the class, but the only thing she had managed to write down in neatly-printed purple ink before the Plague of Ridiculous Sounds started was the date and “Mister Rob’s favourite potion = Hiccoughing Solution”. She wasn’t sure if it was important to know that it was Mister Rob’s favourite, but it couldn’t hurt to write down, in case he put it on an exam or if she ever needed to bribe him some day for some reason. (She was, on the other hand, entirely aware that it was unnecessary to write “Mister Rob” in her notebook because obviously he was the professor. The title “Mister” was also unnecessary; he’d told them they could use just his first name. But it was weird to call a professor by first name! Besides, “Mister” sounded more fun, anyways.)

Having thoroughly given up on notes at this point, she pushed her notebook to the side and tucked her pen away in her robes pocket. It was still early enough in the term that she was wearing her robes almost every day; last year, she’d gotten bored of them a little past her birthday in mid-January, and she already assumed that would happen again. Or maybe it would come a little sooner. She had already stopped neatly tying the front of her robes and had moved onto the stage of leaving them hanging loosely open, at present showing off a slightly too large shirt emblazoned with the Canadian Space Agency logo (a gift from her super cool uncle) and a pair of slightly too short dark green leggings. A perfect colour combination, in her opinion.

Claudia spoke up from where she was sitting nearby, and Marley flashed her a broad grin. They weren’t super close or anything, but they had occasionally partnered in classes last year, and Marley thought she seemed nice even though she was a much quieter person. “Sure! It’ll be - hic - fun to work together!” Flicking a stray curl out of her eyes, she watched it spring back into place and made a face before looking back at Claudia. “The only thing I know for hiccoughs is this, umm, I guess folk medicine is maybe the right word? Like, my gran swears you just put your - hic - hands in the air and walk down stairs backwards, and they go away,” she laughed. “Well, maybe that’s just a Canadian thing. But I bet it’s easier than trying to invent a reversal potion... Ooh, or d’you remember how to make the right potion?” Claudia seemed smart; Marley assumed she probably knew it.

  • If I hold my breath 'til I pass out can I leave? - Claudia Dubois [2nd year Cetus], Mon Jan 23 17:03
    Potions was probably (not definitely - as there were other contenders, and Claudia may have to reassess her preferences in her second year at RMI; a few things had altered since her first, including... more
    • Why leave? This isn't too bad! - Marley Chapman [2nd year, Lyra], Tue Jan 24 18:44
      • I grudgingly concur - Claudia, Wed Jan 25 15:06
        It certainly could have been worse. Marley was nice enough, in Claudia’s experience of sharing classes and occasional assignments with her over the past year. Certainly the Lyra girl was louder and... more
        • Then let's get to work - Marley, Fri Jan 27 16:06
          It seemed her question was unnecessary, as Claudia had already started rifling through her textbook before she’d even finished talking. “ Hic! Wow, you’re fast!” That was pretty impressive to Marley. ... more
          • I thought he had, already? - Claudia, Sat Jan 28 14:21
            Marley opted to start making the potion, and Claudia nodded her agreement. “Help yourself to my kit if you need anything,” she nudged the leather bag on the floor with her foot to indicate which was... more
            • Well, now it's official! - Marley, Sat Jan 28 16:56
              Marley blinked at the black seeds on the counter. Oh, wait. She’d accidentally pulled out a bottle of sunflower seeds instead of dill. Presumably because her stomach had made a little growl, and... more
              • *waves official flag* - Claudia, Wed Feb 1 05:07
                Claudia felt bolstered that Marley seemed to agree with her reasoning for salamander blood. She was so pleased with their progresses, in fact, she even consented to skin the shrivelfig. “Yes, okay,”... more
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