Sure why not
Sat Dec 30, 2017 18:05

While it seemed to be a struggle for the younger girl, Darlene did heed Claudia’s advice and began to settle down, at least temporarily ceasing her panicked outbursts. She did allow another to escape her, but she quickly wrestled herself back under her own control with sufficient dignity that Claudia did not find need to criticise.

Within moments, however, Darlene was explaining in barely intelligible ramblings about her feelings for Drew, and concerns they would not be reciprocated. However, considering her aforementioned theory about some sort of compulsion to vocalise their internal monologues, Claudia forgave this unnecessary soliloquy. Forgave it, but still it caused her a certain amount of confused, yet resigned frustration.

“Drew Tennant is below you,” she said in a low whisper, dangerously close to mortification at the unsugared honesty of her statement. “However,” she made attempts to limit the emotional damage her words might have caused Darlene to suffer, “there is nothing more flattering than discovering someone likes you. You may as well let him know. If Drew doesn’t like you, It would probably be easy enough to convince yourself that his tastes are so monumentally poor that you will have no choice but to revoke your interest.”

Continuing to be startled by her brutal honesty, Claudia allowed her attention to be caught by some audibly excited squeaking occurring nearby. She turned to look on in confusion for a moment while Teal repeatedly exclaimed that she was going on a date, until comprehension dawned that her female yearmate was celebrating a date with Marley. Marley. Another girl.

“That can’t be right,” she said aloud in adamant disbelief. Yet there was no plausible explanation. “Sweet Merlin,” Claudia said quietly, color draining from her face as Thoughts withdrew from her mind. “They’re both girls and Marley can’t date another girl. That’s complete nonsense. Even for Marley.” Darlene’s self-centred preoccupation with Drew was suddenly yet further down her list of priorities.

  • Those are convenient - Darlene, Fri Dec 29 09:15
    It was almost always in a lady’s best interest to do as she was told when the instructions were given by a worthy source. Claudia, in this case, definitely fit into that category. Darlene had an... more
    • Sure why not - Claudia, Sat Dec 30 18:05
      • Now that was a creative title. - Darlene, Wed Jan 3 16:11
        Darlene startled slightly at the bluntness with which Claudia spoke about Drew. A part of her was quite offended by this, but in her insulting Drew, Claudia was also complimenting her, and the larger ... more
        • Plenty more where that came from - Claudia, Fri Jan 5 07:50
          Darlene was under the impression that girls could not date each other, apparently regardless of the circumstances. Claudia was loathe to disabuse her, but unfortunately the shrieked conversation of... more
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