Let me help with that
Sun Dec 31, 2017 22:10

Huburt listened with obvious interest as Connor began to explain. He was a bit skeptical of Connor, having witnessed a few classes where the older student had engaged in completely immature interactions. In particular, he could recall Connor running out in the middle of an important Spellwork assignment with the loud girl whose name he hadn't bothered to learn. That was not admirable behaviour. However, Connor was still older, which suggested that there was some kind of life experience or knowledge he had to impart, so Huburt tried to be respectful. (Connor was also a Pureblood, which was a hierarchal structure that both made sense and didn't, and he rather wanted to have some good friends on the inside who could enlighten him further.)

What Connor was saying turned out to be pretty bad, though. And he used a bad word. Huburt completely agreed with the general idea that just because someone was different didn't mean that different rules applied for how they should behave in normal society. Furthermore, he felt that different people were suited to doing different things and someone restricted to a wheelchair maybe shouldn't be leading a class involving so much physical movement. But he would never use that word. He was trying to be better at recognizing the severe difficulties that different people had and how that impacted their mental cognition and school performance, and that meant not using prejudiced language like Connor just had.

Connor had also called him annoying. Sometimes other students called him annoying, which Huburt tolerated with what he considered to be a good show of patience. But Connor had called him annoying right now for no reason!

"Excuse me," he began indignantly, "but the only reason you think I'm annoying is because I'm right, and you can't stand not being right. And, in fact, I do think your use of that word is offensive. It's just like Professor Blair-West said: prejudiced language enables prejudiced behaviour." His careful recitation was paired with a compulsive sweep of his hand over dark, slicked-back hair. "You should try showing more compassion for disabled people. Life is really hard for them and I imagine that Professor Hier has had to overcome many barriers in order to get to where he is now. His attitude is not commendable, but it's rude and, frankly, discriminatory of you to assume he is taking advantage of his disability to act this way." Huburt paused. "Sorry, that was blunt. But I'm not actually sorry. You were blunt first."

  • I suppose I ought to finish - Connor, Sat Dec 30 08:38
    Although there were better people for him to be seated next to, given the circumstances, Connor wasn’t too opposed to one of them being Huburt Park. Generally, he found the boy unduly smug and... more
    • Let me help with that - Huburt, Sun Dec 31 22:10
      • I don't think that's helping - Connor, Tue Jan 2 21:04
        “I wasn’t blunt,” Connor objected, finding it the easiest piece of what Huburt said to deal with. “Well maybe I was. No I wasn’t!” he didn’t understand why he was arguing with himself out loud in... more
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