I don't think that's helping
Tue Jan 2, 2018 21:04

“I wasn’t blunt,” Connor objected, finding it the easiest piece of what Huburt said to deal with. “Well maybe I was. No I wasn’t!” he didn’t understand why he was arguing with himself out loud in front of Huburt. It was clear that this first year thought that he was smarter than Connor. No, he thought he was better than Connor. “You’re not better than me,” he said. Now that he could take a stand on. Huburt definitely was not better than him, even though he clearly did think so. “You’re not better than me,” Connor said again, his voice cracking at exactly the wrong time. He cleared his throat and tried again. “You’re not better than me and you shouldn’t think you are, and that’s why everyone thinks you’re annoying.” No all of that wasn’t supposed to come out of his mouth. Just the first bit.

“And just because you can quote Professor Blair back at me doesn’t mean that you’re right,” Connor continued, apparently unable to keep his mouth shut despite the fact that he was trying. “Professor Blair is probably a Mudblood and even if she isn’t she talks about a lot of that stuff like it’s not dumb. She’s only promoting tolerance because she benefits from it.” All of Cultural Studies stuff was just propaganda, and Connor knew it. He had suspected it before he had talked to his father about it, but once he had talked to his father about it his suspicions had been confirmed. Connor was actually pretty sure that Cultural Studies was why Dade was friends with Remington. And Kit. Actually, Cultural Studies was probably where Rose had gone wrong as well. .Connor wasn’t going to fall into that trap.

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    Huburt listened with obvious interest as Connor began to explain. He was a bit skeptical of Connor, having witnessed a few classes where the older student had engaged in completely immature... more
    • I don't think that's helping - Connor, Tue Jan 2 21:04
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