Magdalena Adler
Only if I get to leave too
Wed Jan 3, 2018 14:19

Once Alena realised they were repeating a potion theyd done last year her spirits fell. She hadnt done it very well the first time and despite receiving a decent mark on the assignment she knew that when it came to performing in class she never did well. She particularly hated all the group work they did at RMI because it always caused her to panic. It wasn't unusual for Alena to be left searching for a partner after everyone else had already teamed up, and when someone was assigned to work with Alena she was sure they knew theyd been stuck with the dud. When she slipped in beside Petra, she couldnt help but feel apologetic for forcing the girl to put up with her.

Alena had hoped to enjoy classes, even if she disliked the social aspects of RMI but she hadnt liked class either. It was difficult to spend all day making a fool of yourself in a classroom filled with your peers, just to leave at the end of the day and go back to the common room where everyone knew all the stupid things shed done that day. Her stomach was doing its usual summersaults as she sat trying to clear her mind to tackle the potion, but her nervousness only increased when she noticed a commotion occurring near the back of the classroom, as she watched Professor Hier head towards it, Alena muttered with disapproval,Im glad Ive never done anything that embarrassing.

Quickly, Petra stole her attention.Im sorry Im pathetic, I just wish I was better at this wizarding stuff. Alena was confused by Petras outburst, and without realising began to respond,You're arent pathetic. I am. Im an Adler but Im terrible at magic. Im so stupid, everyone thinks so even you are better at it than I am. So I dont know why youre about to cry but I wish you would stop.

Alena gasped when she realised what she had said, hands flying to her mouth she began a rambling apology, I shouldnt have said that. It sounded so rude. I should say sorry. But I really dont want you to cry.

  • Can I just go home? - Petra Stiglitz, Sat Dec 30 17:00
    Petra was not very good at practical things. It was one of her more common downfalls. Her mind was always active, always going at what felt like a mile a minute. She was talkative too, sometimes also ... more
    • Only if I get to leave too - Magdalena Adler, Wed Jan 3 14:19
      • They might notice if we both leave - Petra, Wed Jan 3 14:53
        Petra blearily looked over at her partner and tried wiping her eyes. She and Alena got paired together sometimes and the other girl was quite nice. At least, Petra thought most people were nice... more
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