They might notice if we both leave
Wed Jan 3, 2018 14:53

Petra blearily looked over at her partner and tried wiping her eyes. She and Alena got paired together sometimes and the other girl was quite nice. At least, Petra thought most people were nice except well, when they weren’t. Alena though, struck her as rater nice. Yet the Aquila’s sudden panic was probably giving the girl a less than pleasant image of her and she needed to stop. If Hugo were here he would laugh at her, and then probably make the potion perfectly. Helena at least would help her out a little, with an exasperated look on her face. At least the potion would be finished.

However, it seemed that Alena felt jus the same as Petra. The other girl’s outburst shocked the second-year just a bit and she stared wide-eyed at her friend for a moment. Thankfully, she didn’t feel like crying because of the potion now, but more because someone had just told her to stop crying. Her bottom lip wobbled but the blonde girl took a deep breath and furrowed her brow. Before she could speak, the Lyra had continued on with an apology. “Well,” Petra said, mind whirling. “I don’t know what being an Adler had to do with tat and we can’t both be so pathetic that we can’t do a potion. At least we don’t drop things or lick them or blow them up. They just don’t turn out right!”

It made her so mad that she followed the instructions and it never seemed to do what it was supposed to. “I’ll stop crying,” Petra said, rubbing at the side of her face a little. “If you’ll not say you’re stupid.” It wasn’t true. No one was really stupid (except for maybe Hugo but that was another matter). “It’s a silly thing to say when you just aren’t good at something and I think if we really try and put good effort into this that maybe we can at least be not pathetic on one potion.”

The girl nodded her head, blonde curls bouncing around her face for a bit before swinging back towards the ponytail they were held in. The Aquila straightened her robes and tried to stand up tall, like Tavin did right before he did something stupid. But he did it with confidence and that might be what they needed. “We can do this. We just got to remind each other that we’re not stupid or pathetic!” It made sense to Petra and seemed like something that one of her siblings might say. She wiped at her eyes, drying the tears that had threatened to well over. “Maybe it still won’t work, but we have to try, right?”

  • Only if I get to leave too - Magdalena Adler, Wed Jan 3 14:19
    Once Alena realised they were repeating a potion they’d done last year her spirits fell. She hadn’t done it very well the first time and despite receiving a decent mark on the assignment she knew... more
    • They might notice if we both leave - Petra, Wed Jan 3 14:53
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