Now that was a creative title.
Wed Jan 3, 2018 16:11

Darlene startled slightly at the bluntness with which Claudia spoke about Drew. A part of her was quite offended by this, but in her insulting Drew, Claudia was also complimenting her, and the larger part of Darlene was fairly spoiled and self-centered, so she found overall that this was a pleasant line of discussion.

But the subject shifted starkly thereafter as Claudia seemed to catch part of a conversation between other people in the room, namely between Marley Chapman and Teal Rosse. It was kind of hard not to hear their conversation, actually, as the latter girl was pretty much shrieking. Something about going on… a date? Like, together?

Claudia said it best as she expressed her confusion and apparent disapproval. “I don’t think girls can date other girls,” Darlene reaffirmed. “Maybe they’re going on a friend-date of sorts?” In her sheltered Pureblood life, the Lyra had never come across any instances of homosexuality - in fact, she would probably not have even recognized that word if it were said to her - and thus had no knowledge of it. She knew that two men (namely, Professor McKindy and Mr. Tennant) were parental figures in Drew’s life, for example, but the extent of their involvement was beyond her. She had just assumed they were good friends who lived together. Sometimes people had roommates. Darlene did (unfortunately).

“Marley does seem a bit odd,” Darlene confirmed, “but I don’t think anyone could be that odd, could they? I mean, that isn’t even possible, is it?”

  • Sure why not - Claudia, Sat Dec 30 18:05
    While it seemed to be a struggle for the younger girl, Darlene did heed Claudia’s advice and began to settle down, at least temporarily ceasing her panicked outbursts. She did allow another to escape ... more
    • Now that was a creative title. - Darlene, Wed Jan 3 16:11
      • Plenty more where that came from - Claudia, Fri Jan 5 07:50
        Darlene was under the impression that girls could not date each other, apparently regardless of the circumstances. Claudia was loathe to disabuse her, but unfortunately the shrieked conversation of... more
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