Prof. Lorraine Taylor
The Perfect Crime [MagSci 4-7]
Fri Jan 26, 2018 17:05

Several weeks into the semester, the Magical Sciences class was approaching the end of their first unit. Although today’s class was not the final exam, it was an opportunity for students to demonstrate and apply critical reasoning to real-life scenario. Unusually for Professor Lorraine Taylor, today’s class involved a good deal of practical work.

With the help of a few other staff members and their families, Lorraine had set up a series of mock crime scenes for the students to investigate. Some of the staff had gotten very… involved with the idea. She had observed Estelle Blair levitating no fewer than two model skeletons into her room, and Garen Tennant had set up a Shakespeare-themed scene. Lorraine had not provided much guidance other than that each room had to involve a solvable crime scene, and she hadn’t examined all the rooms herself, so it was anyone’s guess what the students would encounter when they began the task. She suspected that the professors had tailored the rooms to their subjects or interests, but that might not be the case.

When everyone had arrived, Lorraine began the discussion. “Forensic science. What have we learned about it so far?” Lorraine awarded House points to the first student who defined forensic science as the application of science to laws, mainly during the investigation of crimes. Additional points were awarded for those who volunteered further information, such as the history of the field or the differences between magical and Muggle investigatory methods.

“Today you will be applying some of the spells and methods we’ve learned over the last few classes. Partner up—we may need to have one group of three,” Lorraine added, doing a loose headcount. She gestured to the row of doors along the far wall of the Practical Lab, each of which led onto a small staged crime scene. “With your partner, select a room. You should approach this as though you are Aurors or DMLE agents investigating a crime scene. Your goal is to determine what the crime was and who committed it.”

Lacking specific knowledge of what each room contained, Lorraine had provided some handouts listing potentially helpful spells. Some of the rooms included wands, on which priori incantatem could be cast. Others might have locked objects, which required the use of alohomora or more complex magical unlocking sequences. Dactilio revelio could be used to make fingerprints appear, and similia originum could determine whether two samples came from the same source. Students were also provided with a binder containing profiles and fingerprints of the “suspects,” in order to help them match any samples they found. Other spells that might help with bloodstain pattern analysis, pathology, handwriting analysis, and other areas of forensic science were also included on the list.

Lorraine finished distributing the handouts and then checked her watch. As she had predicted, they were perfectly on schedule. “You’ll have thirty minutes to investigate. Keep a record of your observations and the methods you used to gather evidence. After the time is up, we’ll have a group discussion where you’ll present your cases of what happened.” She clapped her hands once, dismissing the students to their work.

[OOC: Feel free to invent spells, as well as the details of your rooms, to help with the investigations. The students have enough evidence to be able to solve the mystery, but the nature of it is up to you. The “suspects” are the people who were involved in setting the rooms up, including staff and relatives—some may have implicated themselves, while others may have chosen someone else as their villain. Have fun and be creative!]

    • This one’s a cold case - Holland Keene, Thu Feb 1 21:33
      Last night, there hadn’t been any astronomy classes for the first time in a few days, so Holland was happy but tired. Not that anyone could tell they’d been up later than normal; their makeup,... more
      • Super cold. Zero emotional attachment here. Nope. - Marley Chapman, Sun Feb 11 15:06
        When she was first signing up for her electives, Magical Sciences had seemed like it would be really fun and interesting. And, yeah, that assumption turned out to be true, except Marley hadn’t... more
        • Arctic, even - Holland, Mon Feb 12 20:19
          Holland noticed their Housemate was not as effervescent as usual, but the crime scene distracted them from asking. They wanted to investigate the runes and hieroglyphics. Holland had had to drop... more
    • Is perfect even a thing? - Kaye Packman, Tue Jan 30 18:46
      Kaye Packman and Professor Lorainne Taylor had an interesting relationship. Most of the professors at Rocky Mountain International had gotten used to the Aquila by this point. They knew that she had... more
      • Politeness is - Myfanwy Owen, Thu Feb 1 10:19
        To start with, Myfanwy had only taken Magical Sciences because none of the other elective classes had really sounded all that interesting to her, mostly because they seem to focus a lot on reading... more
        • Not only did Kaye get a potentially boring room, she got a partner who practically came with a guarantee to annoy her. She’d done her best to actually avoid the – whatever she was – girl. Kaye didn’t ... more
          • I think you picked me - Myfanwy, Tue Feb 13 07:43
            Kaye had her own style, that was sort of a gothic-punk look designed to make people think she didn’t care, but from her colour-matched eyebrows to her perfectly manicured nails, Myffi could tell the... more
    • Might not be the perfect crime-solver, though - Russell Drew, Sun Jan 28 22:23
      Avoiding pairing differently-patterned items (and same-patterns, too, for that matter) was one of the rules that had been explained to him throughout Holland’s whole makeover series. He hadn’t... more
      • Might not be the perfect partner, either - Dardanius Dubois, Tue Jan 30 16:09
        With his recent distractions impacting his grades, Danny was less inclined than usual to show off in class by providing correct answers to class-wide questions. He passed up the opportunity for... more
        • --what was his name, again? Russell knew he’d seen the man before, but he couldn’t remember what he was called, or even what class he taught. His chest felt too tight for thinking. It had started... more
          • Is that your mantra? - Dardanius, Tue Feb 6 15:16
            The scene that greeted the two students as they entered the room was reminiscent of a cafe, as Russell suggested, but with several jarring differences; for example, there was no food counter, a... more
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