Russell Drew
Might not be the perfect crime-solver, though
Sun Jan 28, 2018 22:23

Avoiding pairing differently-patterned items (and same-patterns, too, for that matter) was one of the rules that had been explained to him throughout Holland’s whole makeover series. He hadn’t exactly sworn to follow it. In fact, he was pretty sure that his reaction at the time had been more of an “oh, really?”, followed by just blinking and listening as they launched into a full explanation of that and a variety of other rules and things he should be aware of. But despite not explicitly promising to hold tight to their advice, that was what Russell had done. Admitting he needed help had been a blow to his already meagre confidence, but they’d done him a huge favour in boosting it up again, and even higher than it had been previously. Washing and brushing his hair more than once a week and keeping socks out of his sandals was the least he could do.

But his shorts didn’t actually count as patterned, right?

It hadn’t occurred to him until after he was standing in the classroom that he might have, without even paying attention, broken that rule. His shirt was striped, heavily contrasting stripes of nice-black and ugh-white and medium-ripe-strawberry-grey, and his shorts were mostly solid even-riper-darker-strawberry-grey. Except they also had palm trees on them. But it wasn’t a proper pattern with consistency or anything, just some random tree silhouettes. So it wasn’t like he was actually breaking the No Multiple Patterns rule. Right? ...Except nope, Russell couldn’t trick himself into believing that. He’d made a mistake and it was too late to change it.

Fortunately, he might get away with it, because Holland had lately seemed distracted in their Magical Sciences class. This could be attributed to the fact that they had a lot of friends in class. Or at least, a lot compared to Russell, who didn’t even need a whole hand to count the number of people in this room who interacted with him outside of academics. However, he was pretty certain that this year’s distraction was because of Danny. Danny was nice (note the past tense) and Russell somewhat regretted his awkward reactions to him last term - he’d tried so hard to be normal and all that, but had flailed when asked for dance tips, because Danny wasn’t Marissa and admitted to not being much of a dancer and he just hadn’t known how to explain his style of dance to the other boy. He got the sense now that Danny didn’t like him very much. But he also got the sense that Danny liked Holland. It seemed weird; how could two people be totally normal friends one year and then come back after summer break and be all… touchy-starey? Russell wasn’t about to claim that he could accurately judge what was weird, though, especially with regards to relationships, which he had no experience with and probably would never, now that the options he thought might have once been open to him weren’t.

Another thing that Russell had no experience with was crime. Well, yeah, crime existed, and he wasn’t an idiot - he knew that some of the neighbourhood kids he skated with at night were into pocketing stuff at corner stores and throwing the odd rock at the odd house, because they bragged about it to each other, which was yet another thing he didn’t understand and was unlikely to have explained to him any time soon. But despite being out at all hours of the night, he’d never witnessed a crime (possibly because he preferred to take the winding roads down towards the beaches rather than into Sacramento main). He had also never solved one. This sounded like it would be an interesting class, and he was assuming that they weren’t solving real crimes since that would have major legal implications, which in turn meant that they weren’t being held accountable for convicting anyone, and phew. Not knowing what to expect inside the room(s) was still stressful, but at least there wasn’t that kind of stress.

Accepting a handout, Russell left his backpack leaning against the classroom wall. The sight of the first spell on the list reminded him that yeah, most MagSci classes were book-based, but he did need to bring his wand with him this time. So he pulled it out too, and then walked towards the row of doors. Hesitantly, he approached one on the left-hand side. Whoever had done the room’s set-up had also decided to splat the door with something brownish, which was concerning, but not as much as if it had been blood-red. He ducked down to grab the binder sitting in front of the door, studied the front cover (just a standard binder), and finally flipped it open.

Just then, a voice spoke from behind him. Russell spun around, startled, and then offered a small smile to the other student. “Hey, sorry. I figured it’d be easier to just… pick a door first, and see who else came over, instead of going the other way ‘round and then having to debate which door we both want… Uh, of course,” he hastily added, “if you don’t think this one looks good, we can get a different room? If you want?” While he waited for the other student to decide, his eyes briefly wandered down to the open binder in his hands. Wait, was that a picture of Professor--

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    • Might not be the perfect crime-solver, though - Russell Drew, Sun Jan 28 22:23
      • Might not be the perfect partner, either - Dardanius Dubois, Tue Jan 30 16:09
        With his recent distractions impacting his grades, Danny was less inclined than usual to show off in class by providing correct answers to class-wide questions. He passed up the opportunity for... more
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            • More like a lifestyle - Russell, Sat Feb 17 21:00
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              • Are you enjoying it? - Danny, Tue Feb 20 16:22
                Maybe Russell had already been about to step further into the room, or maybe he’d been so deep in thought that Danny’s tap on his arm startled him, but the aborted stumble that followed was so...... more
                • I don't think that's the priority here - Russell, Sun Feb 25 16:07
                  Even if he had been completely confident in his interpretation of the teacup’s landing, he still would have found Danny’s agreement reassuring. As it was, with no protractor or weights to calculate... more
                  • Just a curiosity - Danny, Wed Feb 28 15:39
                    Russell confirmed - with superfluous, self-doubting commentary, naturally - that there were tea leaves where the cup had fallen (or more likely been thrown, or swept, or whatever). “Yeah, that’s what ... more
                    • In that case, no, not really - Russell, Mon Mar 5 22:33
                      For once, it didn’t bother him very much that Danny sounded disagreeingly hesitant when reacting to his comment. (It was worth noting that ‘very much’, in this particular case, like in all particular ... more
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