Dardanius Dubois
Might not be the perfect partner, either
Tue Jan 30, 2018 16:09

With his recent distractions impacting his grades, Danny was less inclined than usual to show off in class by providing correct answers to class-wide questions. He passed up the opportunity for earning points for Lyra, concentrating all his efforts on keeping his thoughts in the room, and on the content of the class, and not out on the Quidditch pitch where he’d spent the previous evening. Thankfully this was a practical class - rare for this subject - and so more likely to hold his attention than text-based assignments. The fact that the project sounded engaging was an additional bonus.

Uncharacteristically, Danny wanted to avoid working with his friends during this class. There were things he needed to tell them, but hadn’t yet, and Professor Taylor’s class emphatically was not the place for that. Scoping the students yet without partners, he spied Russell and, for the first time in a long while, intentionally headed towards the sixth year, collecting a hand-out of usefuls spells on the way. Danny ended up sort of following Russell across the lab, because he was apparently ignoring the suggested order of instructions and picking a room first, regardless of no partner being with him. Danny bit back an external sigh, but if figurative sighing was a thing, that’s what he did in his mind. It wasn’t that he disliked Russell. He just… didn’t really see the point… of him. He’d found it helped to be objective with Russell, and remember that Marissa liked him, and Holland liked him, and that both had succeeded where Danny had failed in encouraging Russell to participate in some activity or other. Of course if he was too objective he started to consider Emmett’s opinion of Russell, and that landed him back at square one.

Danny remembered he had liked Russell when they’d first met, and found it interesting that he’d kept his pet mouse in his pocket and fed him during class, but that might have been the only interesting quality he had. Also the quirky dress sense had been … distinguishing, but Holland had fixed Russell’s wardrobe (or attempted to) much in the same way they had tweaked and tuned Danny’s attire over the past few years; only the laces in his sneakers, and the collar and buttons on his polo shirt were neon pink, the rest of his outfit comprise of less obnoxious shades of grey and faded blue. Since then Russell had only reluctantly joined them in group activities when he could be persuaded to be there at all, and given every impression that he didn’t actually want Danny to be friends with him. So he’d given up trying.

“Hey, Russell,” Danny said when he approached, and was not altogether surprised that the greeting had startled him. Nor was the rambling explanation of why he was at the door before finding a partner unexpected. Danny had held up his hand, palm facing Russell, to try and stem the flow of words, but it didn’t seem to have had any effect. “I’m sure this room is fine,” he said firmly, feeling that the best manner to deal with Russell was not all that dissimilar from how he dealt with Kit. Except he liked Kit.

The binder containing further clues for the room was already in Russell’s hands. He was sort of staring at it. Wondering whether he was going to regret his partner decision, Danny paused for a moment to wait for Russell to speak again, or make progress into the cubicle, or hand him the folder, or, well, anything. Perhaps if he’d waited a moment longer Russell might have done any of those things, but in the short pause Danny allotted, nothing had been forthcoming. He reached past Russell and opened the door, assuming that he would get to have a look at the binder at some point. “After you,” Danny gestured, holding the door open.

(OOC: Sorry I didn't join in with the details at all. I'm terrible at this sort of thing and very happy for you to set the scene, although I promise to make some contributions next post if that's what you'd prefer.)

  • Might not be the perfect crime-solver, though - Russell Drew, Sun Jan 28 22:23
    Avoiding pairing differently-patterned items (and same-patterns, too, for that matter) was one of the rules that had been explained to him throughout Holland’s whole makeover series. He hadn’t... more
    • Might not be the perfect partner, either - Dardanius Dubois, Tue Jan 30 16:09
      • --what was his name, again? Russell knew he’d seen the man before, but he couldn’t remember what he was called, or even what class he taught. His chest felt too tight for thinking. It had started... more
        • Is that your mantra? - Dardanius, Tue Feb 6 15:16
          The scene that greeted the two students as they entered the room was reminiscent of a cafe, as Russell suggested, but with several jarring differences; for example, there was no food counter, a... more
          • More like a lifestyle - Russell, Sat Feb 17 21:00
            “Scrying café?” Those existed? Russell looked around the room once more, and this time identified what looked like an empty box, about the right size to be from a deck of cards, lying near one of the ... more
            • Are you enjoying it? - Danny, Tue Feb 20 16:22
              Maybe Russell had already been about to step further into the room, or maybe he’d been so deep in thought that Danny’s tap on his arm startled him, but the aborted stumble that followed was so...... more
              • I don't think that's the priority here - Russell, Sun Feb 25 16:07
                Even if he had been completely confident in his interpretation of the teacup’s landing, he still would have found Danny’s agreement reassuring. As it was, with no protractor or weights to calculate... more
                • Just a curiosity - Danny, Wed Feb 28 15:39
                  Russell confirmed - with superfluous, self-doubting commentary, naturally - that there were tea leaves where the cup had fallen (or more likely been thrown, or swept, or whatever). “Yeah, that’s what ... more
                  • In that case, no, not really - Russell, Mon Mar 5 22:33
                    For once, it didn’t bother him very much that Danny sounded disagreeingly hesitant when reacting to his comment. (It was worth noting that ‘very much’, in this particular case, like in all particular ... more
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