Myfanwy Owen
Politeness is
Thu Feb 1, 2018 10:19

To start with, Myfanwy had only taken Magical Sciences because none of the other elective classes had really sounded all that interesting to her, mostly because they seem to focus a lot on reading the future, which wasnít something Myffi believed humans were supposed to do, nor very talented at. She had since learned there was more to classes than just that, but they all had connections with trying to figure things out in a range of touchy-feely ways that even Muggles tried to do sometimes (probably with even more limited effects). The sixth year preferred hard facts and evidence, so she was super happy that Magical Sciences turned it to be much more suited to her outlook, anyway. She didnít particularly excel in the class, because it was usually lots of reading and writing, and Myffi learned better through experience and interaction, but it was always interesting, which is what really mattered.

Professor Taylor was okay, too - not always the most approachable person, and didnít always want to hear other perspectives during class time, but if Myffi didnít understand one way of teaching, she felt like the professor tried to explain it in a way that made more sense. She was quite strict, though, especially when it came to robes, and Myfanwy preferred to be in bring colours rather than drab grey. Today her uniform covered a rainbow tie-dyed t-shirt dress, although her multi-coloured shoelaces were still visible, and some bright friendship bracelets on her wrists. Her dark, straight hair was in two low pigtails at the back of her head, and she wore her round, rose gold framed glasses as usual. An organic cotton tote was on one shoulder as she paid rapt attention to the introduction for what promised to be one of the rare practical classes; that made her excited for the lesson. She ventured answers to a couple of questions, and she even got them right, which put her in an even better mood.

When the instructions had been given, Myffi was buoyantly cheerful and perhaps a little over excited as she skipped to the nearest crime scene and pulled he binder, before remembering that they were supposed to have selected partners first. Never mind, she could do that now, it wasnít like she had even opened the room yet anyway, and she spun on her heel only to be stopped in her tracks by her yearmate Kaye. Maybe Kaye was a little over excited too, because she sort of snatched the binder. She didnít need to do that, Myffi was prepared to share.

ďI just grabbed the closest one to me,Ē Myffi answered with a lopsided shrug and a bright smile on her face. ďI didnít think it would matter too much. Iíve never done any crime scene investigating before so itís not like I was trying to find one that would be easier or anything.Ē she might have tried to do that, if she was concerned about grades, but honestly she was just here to learn and there were lists of helpful spells and stuff that she had glimpsed in the binder before Kaye took it from her. She hadnít seen much else though. ďI hope it wonít be too gruesome. I totally get squeamish if thereís too much blood, even fake stuff.Ē

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