Holland Keene
This one’s a cold case
Thu Feb 1, 2018 21:33

Last night, there hadn’t been any astronomy classes for the first time in a few days, so Holland was happy but tired. Not that anyone could tell they’d been up later than normal; their makeup, impeccable as always, hid any hint of dark circles. Like their makeup, Holland’s outfit was also perfectly composed, although the ink blue sweater, floral-patterned shorts, and sheer tights were hidden by silver RMI robes. Professor Taylor was one of the few staff members who enforced the dress code, and given her low tolerance for anything that could be construed as disruptive, staying on her good side was sensible.

It was easy for Holland to stay on track during Professor Taylor’s classes; Magical Sciences was one of their favorite subjects, second only to Spellwork, which was mostly due to the professor. The forensic science unit wasn’t their favorite Magical Sciences subject—they’d always been interested in technomancy and, specifically, magical device development—but forensic science had a puzzle-solving aspect which Holland enjoyed quite a lot. There were no guarantees of answers in real criminology, but in Professor Taylor’s assignments it was usually possible to draw satisfactory conclusions.

Holland answered the professor’s request for details about forensic science by offering a comparison between some Muggle and wizarding methods. If Muggles had access to some of the most basic techniques available to wizards, then everyone would know the truth about the Kennedy assassination. In addition to the less precise measurements that Muggles had, it was impossible to say how many crimes against Muggles had gone unsolved because the perpetrators were wizards using magical methods. D. B. Cooper had obviously been a wizard who Apparated out of his plane, and the killing curse left no marks, so of course Muggles wouldn’t be able to solve things like the Lead Masks case.

The seventh-year enjoyed theoretical discussions, which was part of what made Professor McKindy and Professor Taylor’s classes so fun for them, but practical work was just as good. Professor Taylor always put a good deal of thought into her assignments, so if she had simulated crime scenes then they would probably be comprehensive. Par for the course for RMI classes, the students had to work in pairs. Although it was actually warranted in this case; real investigators typically worked in teams.

Danny was already off following Russell across the room. Holland was proud and pleased to see that Russell’s current outfit was not an offense to color vision. They’d have to make sure to tell him, so he would know to use the same combination in the future. Although Holland hadn’t followed through with their idea to index every single item Russell owned so that he could color-match without color vision, he had somehow made it work today, and they wanted to reinforce that.

Holland looked around at the rest of the class before locking eyes with someone across the room. “Partners?” they mouthed, gesturing between themself and the other student. Upon receiving confirmation, Holland pointed to a door and then made their way over. The profiles in the binder included a picture of Professor Blair-West, a man identified by the caption as Liam West, a house-elf, and a few other faculty members who Holland recognized.

With their partner having joined them, Holland was ready to enter their mock crime scene. They drew their wand first, though, because a DMLE officer should be prepared to encounter hostility on the other side of a crime scene door. “Ready?” they asked, waiting for an affirmative response before they opened the door. Holland stepped cautiously into what appeared to be an ancient Egyptian tomb, with two model skeletons wrapped in decaying bandages embracing each other on the floor on the far side. The walls were covered in runes and hieroglyphics, and there were several ancient tools and jars scattered around the small room. Holland lowered their wand. “Well,” they said, turning to their partner, “I guess we won’t be needing any of the pathology spells after all.”

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    • This one’s a cold case - Holland Keene, Thu Feb 1 21:33
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    • Might not be the perfect crime-solver, though - Russell Drew, Sun Jan 28 22:23
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