You picked the wrong partner, sweetheart
Sat Feb 10, 2018 23:17

Not only did Kaye get a potentially boring room, she got a partner who practically came with a guarantee to annoy her. She’d done her best to actually avoid the – whatever she was – girl. Kaye didn’t participate in the agriculture club, even though Ruben did. Clearly, Ruben would bring whatever interesting things happened in the club to her (like his potentially poisonous potation), so it was pointless to attend herself. She figured that Myffi had to know about what Ruben was making, which actually ruled in Myffi’s favor. If she knew and hadn’t shut it down, perhaps she wasn’t as obnoxious as her appearance made her out to be. Plus, Ruben didn’t seem to dislike her.

Grabbing the folder closest to her may have been the dumbest plan ever, though. Kaye fully believed that Myffi had put exactly that amount of thought in her choice, and now the Aquila was saddled with her partner and the room that Garen Tennant had created for the class.

After her lupus diagnosis, her dads had insisted that she see the school counselor at least once a month. It made sense. They couldn’t be there with her, and they wanted to make sure she had all the resources possible as she navigated what it meant to have a now diagnosed illness. She joined the Drama Club, mostly because it made her dads happy to see her involved in a school club, so it meant she was spending even more time with the counselor than she’d initially planned. She also didn’t mind literally stealing a role in the show away from Heather. That felt so good.

“Well, let’s go ahead and get this over with,” Kaye said with a sigh, flipping through the pages of the binder as they walked towards the door. She didn’t wait to see if Myffi followed her. Instead, her favorite purple pumps clicked across the floor and her perfectly manicured hand reached for the doorknob, opening the door to the scene of the crime.

Kaye resisted the urged to roll her heavily lined blue eyes. Past the door was a beautiful garden. Everything had been enchanted to make it truly seem like they were outdoors. She could feel the sunlight on her skin as she walked inside, and she could smell the flowers. Birds even chirped in the distance. Garen had clearly gone all out in this room, although the murder was the least realistic thing there. The body lay off-center, clearly a fake dummy, and an ornate crown rested on the top of its head.

“The suspect list includes Professor McKindy, Garen Tennant, and Professor Embers,” Kaye read out loud, assuming Myffi had followed her. “We might as well add Marissa Kendrick on here for good measure, since the suspects seem to just include his family. Carrot Top seems ready to snap these days, anyway. I’d believe it.”

  • Politeness is - Myfanwy Owen, Thu Feb 1 10:19
    To start with, Myfanwy had only taken Magical Sciences because none of the other elective classes had really sounded all that interesting to her, mostly because they seem to focus a lot on reading... more
    • You picked the wrong partner, sweetheart - Kaye, Sat Feb 10 23:17
      • I think you picked me - Myfanwy, Tue Feb 13 07:43
        Kaye had her own style, that was sort of a gothic-punk look designed to make people think she didn’t care, but from her colour-matched eyebrows to her perfectly manicured nails, Myffi could tell the... more
        • And what a mistake it was - Kaye, Sat Feb 17 20:34
          If Kaye knew she would be working with Myffi today, she would’ve made a bet. How long would it take before Captain Planet started talking about the environment? Ruben would have taken the bet. Emmett ... more
          • I have feelings, you know - Myffi, Tue Feb 20 11:17
            “There’s no need to be coarse,” Myffi pointed out to Kaye, her expression pinched into an distasteful grimace as the other girl swore at her twice, using words and also a hand gesture. Myffi took the ... more
            • Feelings are lame - Kaye, Fri Mar 2 21:10
              “Oh, but it brings me such joy,” Kaye responded quickly. She’d be as coarse as she’d like, thank you very much. It was part of her freedom of speech, yes, and it made her happy. Sometimes Kaye didn’t ... more
              • Denial is a waste of time - Myffi, Sun Mar 4 11:15
                Kaye made some fingerprints appear, and Myffi took out an A4 sized notebook (made from recycled paper) from her bag. She roughly sketched out the crime scene and began numbering where they had found... more
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