Marley Chapman
Super cold. Zero emotional attachment here. Nope.
Sun Feb 11, 2018 15:06

When she was first signing up for her electives, Magical Sciences had seemed like it would be really fun and interesting. And, yeah, that assumption turned out to be true, except Marley hadn’t realized how much work it would be. Maybe it was just because she was taking Too Many courses and was Too Busy overall to enjoy herself, because she wasn’t really looking forward to today’s class. Or maybe it was because she and Claudia had gotten into a big fight yesterday and they might not actually be friends anymore, like, for real this time, and that might not actually be a bad thing because apparently Claudia was homophobic and how could she stay friends with someone who thought that her dating Teal was an awful thing? Claudia didn’t need to be happy for her; she just needed to support her. Like friends did.

But now they were ex-friends, and ex-best-friends, and Claudia had never been Marley’s only friend but she had been basically her first best friend and now there was a big unhappy hole. Like, on one hand, Marley still felt frustrated and even a bit offended, and she wanted to be able to say ‘good riddance!’. (That was an old people’s way of talking and she could so easily picture her gramps using it. Probably because he had. A lot.) Because if Claudia had been secretly homophobic this whole time - well, it suddenly made a lot more sense as to why she and Connor had been dating. And if they had that in common, what if they also had being racist in common? Marley wanted to know that her ex-BFF wasn’t racist, but she didn’t want to know either because the truth might not be the good truth.

On the other hand…

She nodded back at Holland’s silent question, forcing a smile. Yes, please, she needed them to be her partner. Not really for the class (although it was at least a practical class instead of more books so that was a nicer change) but because they were maybe the only older student who could really understand her situation. Not her exact situation, at least, she was pretty sure she’d only ever heard about Holland dating boys instead of boys-and-girls, but sort of the situation, because of the whole Lucien thing a couple years ago. What a relief that Claudia would never do something as mean as Lucien had. Her friend ex-friend was much kinder than that, even if sometimes her brain seemed to have grown in backwards.

“Yeah, go for it,” Marley answered, both more distractedly and quieter than normal. She followed Holland into the room, her own wand limp in hand, and tried to think of a good way to ask their help without turning it into a one-sided long venting that wasted up their class time. She would’ve far preferred to seek them out for a conversation outside of class. Unfortunately, despite knocking on Holland’s door a few times last night and then sitting in the hall for a bit, they never appeared, and she’d given up when it was still an hour to go before curfew and just gone back to her own dorm. Her roomie was already asleep, so Marley had just rolled herself into a blanket taco and stared at the wall until she fell asleep. Which had been a mistake, because her dreams were all grumpy and confusing and made her restless, until she finally got up in the morning at pretty much exactly the same level of upset as she’d been yesterday in addition to being tired.

She managed a more real-looking smile at Holland’s joke. “Hah. Yeah. They’re… pretty dead.” The skeletons were wrapped up in gross old rags, but still they looked vaguely familiar, and as Marley stared at one of them, she suddenly realized she’d seen those eye sockets before - in Professor Blair-West’s classroom. “So I guess that means we can’t be solving a murder, right? If they even got murdered. They look pretty comfy.” Screwing up her face in concentration, she bent to tap her sneakers with her wand and whispered the spell to keep her feet from contaminating everything, and then took a few tentative steps closer to the skeletons. If she squinted and let her eyes go a bit fuzzy, she could imagine they had real faces instead of bone. Like they had been a real couple. Hugging each other and in love probably and then they died. To Marley’s untrained eye, the skeletons looked the same size, which suggested that they might even be the same gender… err, sex, technically, but maybe also the same gender. Probably their society was even more homophobic, because ye olde ancient times had issues.

Running her fingers through kinky hair, Marley hesitantly spoke up, still staring at the skeletons. “Hey, Holland? What would you do if you had a friend, like, a really good friend and you really respect them and all, except they suddenly start calling it wrong for people to be bisexual? Like, they just keep saying it’s wrong, and they won’t even pretend like it’s fine or listen when you try to explain. You wouldn’t keep being friends with them, right?”

  • This one’s a cold case - Holland Keene, Thu Feb 1 21:33
    Last night, there hadn’t been any astronomy classes for the first time in a few days, so Holland was happy but tired. Not that anyone could tell they’d been up later than normal; their makeup,... more
    • Super cold. Zero emotional attachment here. Nope. - Marley Chapman, Sun Feb 11 15:06
      • Arctic, even - Holland, Mon Feb 12 20:19
        Holland noticed their Housemate was not as effervescent as usual, but the crime scene distracted them from asking. They wanted to investigate the runes and hieroglyphics. Holland had had to drop... more
        • But not quite Antarctic - Marley, Mon Feb 19 23:54
          Marley was, at first, a little reassured that they had responded with a “no”. Because she didn’t actually completely want to stop being friends with Claudia, and she didn’t want to feel bad for... more
          • Are you anti-Antarctic? - Holland, Thu Feb 22 13:49
            Marley didn’t seem to understand what Claudia had meant with some of her comments, but Holland thought they might. Passing privilege was a thing for some queer people in relationships that appeared... more
            • Well, no, but it seems a lonely place - Marley, Mon Feb 26 16:00
              There was a reason Marley liked confiding in Holland and just being around them so much. Well, okay, there were actually lots of reasons. They were super patient and understanding with all of her... more
              • The penguins are friendly - Holland, Sat Mar 10 13:07
                “ But Danny’s old? ” Torn between affront and amusement, Holland stifled a wry laugh. They knew what Marley meant, even though neither of her suggestions seemed likely to hold water. Claudia was... more
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