Arctic, even
Mon Feb 12, 2018 20:19

Holland noticed their Housemate was not as effervescent as usual, but the crime scene distracted them from asking. They wanted to investigate the runes and hieroglyphics. Holland had had to drop Cultural Studies from their courseload, but they were certain Professor Blair-West had put this room together. Hiding clues in translations was a very Blair-West thing to do. Physical evidence should be considered first, though. Holland copied the spell Marley had used to prevent contamination of the scene and then progressed further into the room.

They weren’t convinced by their partner’s assessment; it could just be that they were solving a centuries-old murder. “Well, hopefully she gave us a more recent crime.” Knowing Professor Blair-West, the real crime was probably the looting of an ancient tomb or something. The point of the assignment probably wasn’t to profile the room’s designer, though. “Although we might have to figure out what happened to them to solve the room, anyway.” That sounded like a Blair-West thing too. Holland cast the fingerprinting spell and watched little ovals fluoresce green on some of the objects in the room. They approached the most handled object, a canopic jar, and contemplated which spells to examine it with.

Apropos of nothing, Marley decided to ask some questions about biphobia, which was probably the kind of thing Holland should have expected given that they were alone with Marley. It was, at least, a question that was semi-relevant to Holland. Holland didn’t feel like the word ‘bisexual’ fit them; it denoted attraction to one’s own gender and other gender(s), which was accurate, but the term just didn’t click in their head the way that ‘non-binary’ did for their gender. ‘Pansexual’ was definitely less accurate. Holland was mostly attracted to masculine presentation, which usually included men, and also some women, and some gender-non-conforming people. Labels for sexuality got more complicated when you couldn’t assume binary genders. They generally identified with the word ‘queer’ for orientation: it was vague, but somehow clear at the same time. ‘Queer’ specifically denoted that they didn’t fit in the usual boxes. Anyone who dated them would also fall on the queer spectrum. Actually, it would bother Holland for someone they were dating to consider themself straight. This wasn’t something that had been an issue with Ruben, but it might come up… it might come up in the near future. Hmm.

“No,” Holland said, after a pause. “I would try to talk to them, especially if it was a good friend who hadn’t expressed that prejudice before. But if they kept saying those things, I don’t think I’d keep being friends with them.” Someone who thought bisexuality was wrong probably wouldn’t respect Holland’s identity either. Actually, someone who held that belief would probably not become Holland’s friend to begin with. They thought about Danny in first year; he’d initially, and repeatedly, told them that there were no such things as non-binary genders, but they had managed to teach him otherwise. With inarguably more success than they had thought possible. That line of thought quickly led to thinking about stargazing last night, which distracted Holland from continuing for a few seconds. “Sometimes you can get through to people like that, but sometimes you can’t. And it’s not your responsibility to educate people who won’t be respectful.”

An unfortunate thought occurred to Holland. They’d bet the contents of their makeup bag that they knew what this was about. “Did something happen with—one of your friends?” With Claudia, they mentally appended, not feeling the need to say it aloud.

  • Super cold. Zero emotional attachment here. Nope. - Marley Chapman, Sun Feb 11 15:06
    When she was first signing up for her electives, Magical Sciences had seemed like it would be really fun and interesting. And, yeah, that assumption turned out to be true, except Marley hadn’t... more
    • Arctic, even - Holland, Mon Feb 12 20:19
      • But not quite Antarctic - Marley, Mon Feb 19 23:54
        Marley was, at first, a little reassured that they had responded with a “no”. Because she didn’t actually completely want to stop being friends with Claudia, and she didn’t want to feel bad for... more
        • Are you anti-Antarctic? - Holland, Thu Feb 22 13:49
          Marley didn’t seem to understand what Claudia had meant with some of her comments, but Holland thought they might. Passing privilege was a thing for some queer people in relationships that appeared... more
          • Well, no, but it seems a lonely place - Marley, Mon Feb 26 16:00
            There was a reason Marley liked confiding in Holland and just being around them so much. Well, okay, there were actually lots of reasons. They were super patient and understanding with all of her... more
            • The penguins are friendly - Holland, Sat Mar 10 13:07
              “ But Danny’s old? ” Torn between affront and amusement, Holland stifled a wry laugh. They knew what Marley meant, even though neither of her suggestions seemed likely to hold water. Claudia was... more
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