I grudgingly concur
Wed Jan 25, 2017 15:06

It certainly could have been worse. Marley was nice enough, in Claudia’s experience of sharing classes and occasional assignments with her over the past year. Certainly the Lyra girl was louder and more exuberant than Claudia was herself, but she didn’t hold that against her. At least she seemed to be in a good mood, despite the hiccups, so Claudia returned her smile a little more genuinely than before. She wasn’t convinced the class would be fun, but maybe it wouldn’t be such a chore as the second year had first estimated.

Wondering quite where they should begin, Claudia began writing down the directions that were on the board just in case they would be needed for reference in a homework assignment, her self-inking quill gliding briskly across the parchment forming perfect letters in Claudia’s exceptionally neat handwriting. Meanwhile Marley was chattering on about some Canadian folkloric cure for hiccups that sounded entirely ridiculous, so Claudia was only partly-listening, until her companion said something poignant. “Reversal potion!” she repeated with surprise, followed by a hiccup. It was so obvious; she was embarrassed to not have instantly thought of it. Of course it would probably only reduce the effects of the potion rather than eliminate it entirely, but it was easily the best place to begin at this juncture, so Claudia pulled her textbook towards her and had found the correct page before Marley had finished speaking.

“I sort of remember it,” Claudia replied vaguely. They had done the potion in their first year but they had done lots of potions that in the haze of memory had all melded into one another. She pointed at the page in her textbook to draw Marley’s attention to it. “It won’t work on its own,” she reaffirmed her earlier suspicions, “but I’m sure it’ll be the base. We need to add something else to combat the -” she hesitated while she scanned her earlier notes on the potion with which they had all been infected, to see what active ingredients needed to be mitigated in their antidote - “maybe the mandrake leaves or the Croakoa pod.” She frowned and chewed her lip because her nails were in gloves.

Momentarily forgetting Marley was even there, Claudia stuck her quill in her textbook to mark the page of the basic reversal solution, and turned instead to the glossary of ingredients. “Not essence of belladonna,” she muttered to herself barely audibly, “but maybe eye of newt… or would that exacerbate it?” She found a page on Croakoa pods began skimming it before suddenly looking up again at Marley. She blinked, almost surprised to find her still there. “I’m sorry” she apologised sincerely. “I was thinking we might find something to add to the solution…” she trailed off because she wasn’t sure how much of her thought processes she had already voiced. Working with a partner was so inconvenient sometimes. Although she grudgingly acknowledged that without Marley’s initial reference to the base potion, she might still be wondering where to begin. Okay then, compromise.

“Okay, would you like to help me research the poignant active ingredients or do you want to make a start on the reversal solution?” She hopped that Marley would be more interested in the practical aspect of their assignment, as Claudia was more drawn to the research. She was only extending the courtesy of choice to Marley because so far she had contributed the most to their partnership.

  • Why leave? This isn't too bad! - Marley Chapman [2nd year, Lyra], Tue Jan 24 18:44
    Hic She couldn’t stop. She couldn’t stop giggling, either, and every successive hiccough was immediately followed by a sudden outburst of giggles. Marley normally struggled to pay attention in class... more
    • I grudgingly concur - Claudia, Wed Jan 25 15:06
      • Then let's get to work - Marley, Fri Jan 27 16:06
        It seemed her question was unnecessary, as Claudia had already started rifling through her textbook before she’d even finished talking. “ Hic! Wow, you’re fast!” That was pretty impressive to Marley. ... more
        • I thought he had, already? - Claudia, Sat Jan 28 14:21
          Marley opted to start making the potion, and Claudia nodded her agreement. “Help yourself to my kit if you need anything,” she nudged the leather bag on the floor with her foot to indicate which was... more
          • Well, now it's official! - Marley, Sat Jan 28 16:56
            Marley blinked at the black seeds on the counter. Oh, wait. She’d accidentally pulled out a bottle of sunflower seeds instead of dill. Presumably because her stomach had made a little growl, and... more
            • *waves official flag* - Claudia, Wed Feb 1 05:07
              Claudia felt bolstered that Marley seemed to agree with her reasoning for salamander blood. She was so pleased with their progresses, in fact, she even consented to skin the shrivelfig. “Yes, okay,”... more
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