I think you picked me
Tue Feb 13, 2018 07:43

Kaye had her own style, that was sort of a gothic-punk look designed to make people think she didn’t care, but from her colour-matched eyebrows to her perfectly manicured nails, Myffi could tell the Aquila put more thought into her looks than the Lyra put into her meals. Her own nails were short, and free of chemically-potent polish, and clean right now but quite often had traces of soil beneath them. She wasn’t wearing any makeup, and often didn’t, because vegan planet friendly cosmetics were expensive.

Myfanwy didn’t mind working with Kaye. Actually she didn’t mind working with anyone. She was kind of annoyed with Buckley today because she’d conversationally pointed out that his fairtrade coffee from Kenya still had traveled thousands of miles on fossil-fuel powered transportation, and he’d argued that it was better than drinking coffee that wasn’t fair trade. He could drink whatever coffee he wanted, of course, but if he wanted to feel good about drinking something that didn’t damage the planet then she would be happy to advise him on more planet-friendly brands but he just hadn’t been interested, and then told her that he couldn’t make the next agriclub meeting. Whatever, Kaye didn’t even come to agriclub, and she didn’t care about fairtrade, as far as Myffi had noticed, but that was probably irrelevant for the class. Kaye was kind of mean to Heather, and it seemed like she intentionally broke school rules about uniform, which made her kind of petty, but Myffi didn’t know her well enough to like her or otherwise.

Following her into the crime scene room, Myffi stopped beside her partner to appreciate the charmwork that had transformed the small space. “Cool,” she said approvingly, watching a butterfly - probably not a real one, but who could tell for sure? - flutter past to land on … ew. A dead body. Or, okay, a mannequin or something, but that was still kind of gross. It was wearing a crown, so, a dead king or something in a garden. It felt unnecessarily theatrical; before Kaye had even read out the names of the suspects, Myffi assumed Garen Tennant had been involved somehow in creating their assignment.

“Carrot Top?” Myffi repeated the nickname her partner had attributed Marissa Kendrick, her nose wrinkled in distaste. “What does that make you?” She enquired of Kaye. “Red cabbage top? Or auber- oh eggplant, you call it, right? Anyway carrot tops are totally green, that’s where the leaves are.” Studying Kaye’s hair for its shade, Myffi was suddenly struck by another question she’d been musing recently. “Are your wigs synthetic?” Obviously Kaye wore wigs because her hair changed a lot, in length and thickness and style, and they were repeated enough that now Myffi had started to recognise them. She wasn’t going to ask Kaye why wore wigs, because that was totally rude and none of her business, but she wasn’t going to pretend like she didn’t, because that was just silly. “I guess it must be more versatile and probably longer lasting to have synthetic fibres, but human hair would be kinder to the environment.”

  • Not only did Kaye get a potentially boring room, she got a partner who practically came with a guarantee to annoy her. She’d done her best to actually avoid the – whatever she was – girl. Kaye didn’t ... more
    • I think you picked me - Myfanwy, Tue Feb 13 07:43
      • And what a mistake it was - Kaye, Sat Feb 17 20:34
        If Kaye knew she would be working with Myffi today, she would’ve made a bet. How long would it take before Captain Planet started talking about the environment? Ruben would have taken the bet. Emmett ... more
        • I have feelings, you know - Myffi, Tue Feb 20 11:17
          “There’s no need to be coarse,” Myffi pointed out to Kaye, her expression pinched into an distasteful grimace as the other girl swore at her twice, using words and also a hand gesture. Myffi took the ... more
          • Feelings are lame - Kaye, Fri Mar 2 21:10
            “Oh, but it brings me such joy,” Kaye responded quickly. She’d be as coarse as she’d like, thank you very much. It was part of her freedom of speech, yes, and it made her happy. Sometimes Kaye didn’t ... more
            • Denial is a waste of time - Myffi, Sun Mar 4 11:15
              Kaye made some fingerprints appear, and Myffi took out an A4 sized notebook (made from recycled paper) from her bag. She roughly sketched out the crime scene and began numbering where they had found... more
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