And what a mistake it was
Sat Feb 17, 2018 20:34

If Kaye knew she would be working with Myffi today, she would’ve made a bet. How long would it take before Captain Planet started talking about the environment? Ruben would have taken the bet. Emmett didn’t seem to like her that much either, so she could have gotten him involved. Someone could have made money, at least. Anyone would bet that Myffi brought up the injustices against the environment and blah, blah, blah really early on. Someone could have made some kind of money at the girl’s expense. Too bad no one made a bet, though.

There was a lot to unpack here, and Kaye didn’t bother to look up from the binder while she thought. Myffi seemed to be offended on behalf of carrots – not Marissa Kendrick – at her nickname for the other Aquila. And then she decided to ask about Kaye’s wigs. They’d spoken for, what, five seconds? That’s it? And Myffi thought they were at that stage where they could just talk about her wigs? What a privileged, annoying, little twit on an unnecessary soap box. Before, she’d been rather undecided about her feelings towards Myffi. Now?

“First of all,” she said coolly, flipping to the page on Professor McKindy that she’d already glanced over, “what my wigs are or are not made out of are none of your pineappling business, so…” Instead of finishing her sentence, she lazily raised a perfectly manicured middle finger at the Lyra. She closed the binder, which made an annoyed slapping sound as the front and back hit each other, and held it out to Myffi without a glance in her direction. Then, she moved to her second point.

“And – not that it matters – Carrot Top is the name of an infamous comedian with wild, red, curly hair. Not a friggin’ vegetable.” She muttered a charm that kept her heels from leaving footprints as she walked and made her way over to the royal corpse. “Does that thing say anything about the victim, or does it only talk about suspects?” Changing her thoughts almost immediately, she then suggested, “We should see if we can find fingerprints. If we find them, we can use that one spell to match existing prints to the ones provided in the binder.”

  • I think you picked me - Myfanwy, Tue Feb 13 07:43
    Kaye had her own style, that was sort of a gothic-punk look designed to make people think she didn’t care, but from her colour-matched eyebrows to her perfectly manicured nails, Myffi could tell the... more
    • And what a mistake it was - Kaye, Sat Feb 17 20:34
      • I have feelings, you know - Myffi, Tue Feb 20 11:17
        “There’s no need to be coarse,” Myffi pointed out to Kaye, her expression pinched into an distasteful grimace as the other girl swore at her twice, using words and also a hand gesture. Myffi took the ... more
        • Feelings are lame - Kaye, Fri Mar 2 21:10
          “Oh, but it brings me such joy,” Kaye responded quickly. She’d be as coarse as she’d like, thank you very much. It was part of her freedom of speech, yes, and it made her happy. Sometimes Kaye didn’t ... more
          • Denial is a waste of time - Myffi, Sun Mar 4 11:15
            Kaye made some fingerprints appear, and Myffi took out an A4 sized notebook (made from recycled paper) from her bag. She roughly sketched out the crime scene and began numbering where they had found... more
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