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Tue Feb 20, 2018 16:22

Maybe Russell had already been about to step further into the room, or maybe he’d been so deep in thought that Danny’s tap on his arm startled him, but the aborted stumble that followed was so... Russell. As were the limitless apologies that followed. Danny tried not to think uncharitable thoughts about his classmate, but words like ‘unnecessary’ and ‘pathetic’ just sort of kept occurring to him, so he diplomatically put the binder down on the nearest spindly table, where Russell might continue to look at it if he chose, and crossed the small room to investigate what might be a wand.

“I’m sure you started in not as terrible a place as me,” Russell said, after he had at least managed to cast the requisite spell on his own shoes sandals. Danny shrugged a non-committal shoulder as he arrived at his intended location. He guessed that was subjective. He didn’t think he’d ever looked as bad as Russell, but then maybe Russell hadn’t thought he looked all that bad to start with, either. Besides, the guy had legitimate problems with his eyesight. Dardanius had perfect vision, and had still prefered wardrobe selections ‘louder than an air raid siren’ in Holland’s words (they had to explain what an air raid siren was afterwards, which took the sting out of the comment as it had led into a discussion about the atom bomb, diverting them completely from Danny’s colorful clothing choices).

Russell assessed Holland to be ‘pretty great’ - he stumbled a bit before the second word, saying something that sounding like ‘um great’, but Danny was starting to tune out Russell’s stumblings, verbal or physical. Besides, Danny’s head was almost under a cabinet as he cast ‘lumos’ to shine his own wandlight to reveal what was, in fact, another wand sticking out, only its tip visibly protruding into the room beneath the furniture, so Russell’s voice wasn’t as clear as it might have been, anyway - and Danny had to agree. “Yes, they are,” he said, aloud, although he was saying it mostly to himself. Holland was great in many ways, from talking through virtually all the important (and several unimportant) decisions Danny had ever made, to the way they had smiled and leaned against him last night when he’d asked to be shown the Lyra constellation for the third time. Holland had been great when Danny confessed he’d first thought about kissing them at the end of fourth year, when the group had gone to Finnigan’s for Josh’s farewell outing; they’d been more than great when he’d actually kissed them.

His gratifying mental replay of the previous evening was cut short as Russell called Danny over to the broken china. Shaking his head as if that would help clear it, Danny left the wand for the moment (they hadn’t spelled for fingerprints yet, and he didn’t want to mess up their assignment by touching it with his bare hands) and joined Russell by the china, being careful not to disturb any shards with his feet. “Mmm,” he hummed, agreeing with Russell’s conclusion that the cup had not just fallen from the table and landed that way.

“D’you know much about tea-leaf reading?” Russell asked then. “I don’t know if you ever took Divinations, but I know Holland used to, so…”

Danny tilted his head to one side, considering the manner in which Russell had worded his query. “I never took Divinations,” he replied evenly. He wasn’t sure what relevance - if any - Holland taking the subject had to their conversation, but he had noticed that even though he’d been trying to avoid discussing Holland during this class, it seemed to be happening, anyway. Perhaps Russell merely also regarded their mutual friend as a safe topic for discussion, as Danny had attempted earlier. He probably wasn’t bringing up Holland again for any other reason. Of the two Lyras, Dardanius was not the one more prone to paranoia or conspiracy theories. “I know a bit about the different types, like that tea reading is one of them, and tarot, palmistry, runes, crystal balls, dowsing,” he listed, walking away from the broken china teacup to another table that held several more vessels, all with similar old-fashioned floral patterns in assorted shades. “Are there any tea leaves there?” Danny asked, as a thought occurred to him. There was no big puddle of spilled tea near the pot, so there couldn’t have been much - if any - tea inside. “The teapot obviously isn’t full, so either a tea reading already happened, or hadn’t even properly started yet,” Danny suggested. “Like, it wasn’t just about to start,” he clarified. “I hope we don’t have to solve a Divinations puzzle to find the answer,” he laughed half-heartedly. “We’re not exactly a great pairing,” considering neither of them had studied the subject. Professor Luksa had hopefully taken that possibility into account.

“Maybe we should look for prints next,” Danny proposed. “There’s a wand under the cupboard over there,” the seventh year pointed, “but I didn’t want to touch it and make, you know, my fingerprints all over it. So yeah, we could find out whose wand it is maybe by the prints, and then see what was the last spell they cast.” It seemed like as good a plan as any to gather together a bit more information about the people and spells involved before trying to figure out what any of it might mean.

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    • Are you enjoying it? - Danny, Tue Feb 20 16:22
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