I don't think that's the priority here
Sun Feb 25, 2018 16:07

Even if he had been completely confident in his interpretation of the teacup’s landing, he still would have found Danny’s agreement reassuring. As it was, with no protractor or weights to calculate the angle and force of impact, and having gone solely from visual estimate as a result, the confirmation that he probably wasn’t way off was more than enough to stop Russell’s mild internal tirade for having not thought to conjure up a protractor before waving Danny over to check his non-work. It was nice being agreed with. More than nice, it was good, because being disagreed with and therefore wrong was always a bit embarrassing.

Danny responded to his question by just listing off different methods of foretelling. That… didn’t address what he had actually asked? And also wasn’t really necessary? Yes, there was a pretty big range of methods. He’d flipped through some introductory reading way back when he was preparing to arrive at RMI and had to pick elective courses, and he could throw out some names too if he wanted, like dream interpretation, or… Okay, the only other one he could vaguely remember was something to do with mapping smoke spirals from candles. Whatever. There were surely many more options beyond those. But right now, he was asking about tea leaves, and all Danny was doing was walking off while mentioning palmistry. There were no palmistry charts or models in here, at least not that he could see. So how was that supposed to help?

But far be it from him to stop the older boy. No, thanks. Russell kept quiet, readjusting his crouch so that he could more comfortably lean forwards and peer at the broken edge of what might be a saucer tucked under the chair. Possibly a matching set - the pattern looked identical, although if he was being honest, patterns that fell under the category of ‘small identical florals’ all sort of looked the same anyways. “Tea leaves?” Now that he could work with. There were none at his first scan, but when Russell used the end of his pen to prop up one of the larger shards, he spotted something underneath. “I think so, yeah. Well, it’s either tea leaves, or some sort of food crumbs, or dirt… Erm, can’t say I drink tea enough to be sure what the leaves look like,” he added, lowering his pen to set the china back down.

Danny pointed out that the teapot wasn’t full, and Russell nodded. “Um, so, assuming those are tea leaves on the floor, I guess that means the reading was done? Or at least mostly done? So then something happened near or after the reading, and the cup smashed.” Straightening up, back to the lightbulb, he took a step closer to Danny in order to check out the teapot. It looked like an ordinary teapot. Russell wasn’t sure whether or not to be surprised by this. Did tea-leaf readings use a special type of pot or cups? But that seemed unnecessary; he couldn’t imagine the tea required china over ceramic, for instance. The dishes in this room were all very proper for tea, could have straight out of his elderly great-aunt’s kitchen, but it suddenly occurred to him that possibly an electric kettle and coffee mug could work out the same. Scrying cafés could be more widespread than he had assumed. Huh.

“We’re not exactly a great pairing.”

Russell grinned weakly. “No, I’m… I’m sure we can manage. Somehow. Optimism and all.” He started raising a hand as if to make a fist, realized that felt like too committed a gesture, realized a moment later that suddenly he understood what a couple of the older skaters back home had meant when they were snickering about ‘fisting’, lamented that of course he’d had that realization now of all times, realized even later that his hand was still half-raised, and dropped it hastily. Dropped it right into his shorts pocket, where it could do no more damage. For now.

“Prints sound like a good place to start.” He considered just following Danny over to the cupboard, but that would probably just lead to further opportunities for awkwardness, so instead… “How about I’ll get them off the cup, and you can get the wand?” Russell suggested. Distance was safe. At confirmation that Danny was okay with that, he ducked back down and very gently swirled his wand over the remains of the cup. This quickly proved less helpful than he’d hoped but about as helpful as he should’ve expected - broken china meant lots of broken-up fingerprints - but on the larger piece that included the handle, he could see two clear fingers. “Got a couple,” Russell announced. The spell had made the prints glow, which was unsettling, and he took the time to pull his glasses back down over his eyes before focusing on transferring the prints to a blank page in his notebook.

Taking the notebook over to where their evidence binder was, he glanced towards the cabinet where Danny was working. “Having any luck? Oh, no, this will be hard,” Russell added as he began trying to match the prints. There weren’t too many suspect profiles, but the tiny deviations in the prints were so complicated. And so many! He felt overwhelmed almost immediately and took his attention off the binder. It might be better to focus on the collected print and then match it instead of the other way around. “I’ve definitely never looked at fingers this close before. It’s... kind of beautiful,” he added more softly, studying how the one print had a little loop in the centre that forked off into two separate mazes of lines.

  • Are you enjoying it? - Danny, Tue Feb 20 16:22
    Maybe Russell had already been about to step further into the room, or maybe he’d been so deep in thought that Danny’s tap on his arm startled him, but the aborted stumble that followed was so...... more
    • I don't think that's the priority here - Russell, Sun Feb 25 16:07
      • Just a curiosity - Danny, Wed Feb 28 15:39
        Russell confirmed - with superfluous, self-doubting commentary, naturally - that there were tea leaves where the cup had fallen (or more likely been thrown, or swept, or whatever). “Yeah, that’s what ... more
        • In that case, no, not really - Russell, Mon Mar 5 22:33
          For once, it didn’t bother him very much that Danny sounded disagreeingly hesitant when reacting to his comment. (It was worth noting that ‘very much’, in this particular case, like in all particular ... more
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