Well, no, but it seems a lonely place
Mon Feb 26, 2018 16:00

There was a reason Marley liked confiding in Holland and just being around them so much. Well, okay, there were actually lots of reasons. They were super patient and understanding with all of her questions and super pretty and nice about teaching her some of the magical ways to do fashion stuff and extra-super smart about a bajillion different things (so what if 'bajillion' wasn't a real word), some of which Marley hadn't even considered learning about until Holland mentioned it first. But right now, she was feeling particularly grateful for the specific reason that Holland's whole empathetic nature was comforting. It was really nice to know that Holland agreed with her and hear their genuine reassurance.

Of course, this didn't totally, completely help Marley feel reassured right now. She could recognize it and appreciate them and knew it'd help her to feel better at some point, but right now she was still feeling upset and frustrated about Claudia. Claudia, who had always been so reassuring to hang out with on account of being so predictable and yet open to doing not-routine things together. Claudia, who in literally minutes had turned into literally a total stranger/ex-friend and was in the days since easily one of the most unsettling people for her to see in passing, even though Marley was doing a moderately good job of ignoring her and avoiding automatically sitting down with her at mealtimes and not being paired up with her in class. (It probably helped that Claudia wasn't continuing on with Cultural Studies, because sometimes Professor Blair-West let them pick their own partners and sometimes she kinda just shouted names out.)

...Oh right, Professor Blair-West, and this room, maybe a murder, etc etc. Despite being the one to suggest getting back to work, she wasn't at all feeling it. With a sniffle and a rough wipe of her hand across her eyes to stop any dumb tears from contaminating the skeletons, Marley did a little crab-walk scuttle that probably looked weirder than it felt around the side of the skeletons so that she could investigate the skulls. "Lumos." It wasn't her strongest casting, but it was enough to realize that the shadow stretching out from one skull had covered... something... in the dirt below. Something thin and forked and not long enough to be a weapon but not short enough to be a to-- wait, a toothpick could be a weapon too. Weapons didn't always mean bigger size. She had no idea if toothpicks were a thing in the ancient world of... wherever they were. Egypt seemed a good guess, but who could say for sure? Maybe it was Rome or Greece or someplace even farther away, like China. Anyways. This was definitely bigger than the wooden toothpicks that came in a loonie box, and almost definitely not wooden because this place was obviously very old and wood would've rotted and decomposed by now, and not definitely not a toothpick but not definitely one either.

Twisting her head back and forth and raising a bit on her heels and twisting back again, she found a good angle to just stare at it a moment. One end was pointy and the other ended in sort of a curve or hook. Marley tried to think up other objects that could match, but the farthest she got was a clunky safety pin sort of thing, like her white grandma's clunky old flower brooch that hung on the front of her winter coat. Ooooh.

She opened her mouth to announce her find but was immediately distracted by Holland suddenly speaking up. They were talking about Claudia again. That made her find less exciting somehow, but Marley didn't feel as upset before, or at least she had stopped worrying about if her eyes or nose or face would drip onto the evidence, so that was fine. Also, they weren't actually focusing on talking about Claudia, but Danny. What they said was interesting, but also a little confusing. "But Danny's old? Older, I meant." She flashed a quick small grin in Holland's direction at the implication that they were also old, which they were but not like that. "I don't really get what that has to do with it? Like, d'you mean it's gonna take Claudia ages, even until seventh-year, to get it? Cause that doesn't help me know what I'm supposed to do now." She sighed heavily, and then an idea popped up. "Oh, wait. Did you mean that maybe Danny can convince Claudia everything's gonna be fine and we can still be friends?" Claudia did respect her brother, she knew, so maybe that made sense after all.

  • Are you anti-Antarctic? - Holland, Thu Feb 22 13:49
    Marley didn’t seem to understand what Claudia had meant with some of her comments, but Holland thought they might. Passing privilege was a thing for some queer people in relationships that appeared... more
    • Well, no, but it seems a lonely place - Marley, Mon Feb 26 16:00
      • The penguins are friendly - Holland, Sat Mar 10 13:07
        “ But Danny’s old? ” Torn between affront and amusement, Holland stifled a wry laugh. They knew what Marley meant, even though neither of her suggestions seemed likely to hold water. Claudia was... more
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