Teal Rosse [Draco]
It seems hic-splicable to me!
Wed Jan 25, 2017 18:58

Teal Rosse wandered into the Potions lab a few minutes before class was supposed to start, still eating an apple from lunch. Or second lunch. The almost-thirteen-year-old had grown another inch since the start of the year, and she thought she would never not be hungry. Except Professor Rob was here already? She hastily threw away the apple and tied her hair back, still chewing. You weren’t supposed to eat in the lab! Usually not-Professor Rob wasn’t so, well, prompt, and Teal could finish her snack with no trouble. The last thing she wanted was for Mom to find out she ate around the cauldron.

She didn’t put it past her mother to remind her of potions safety in … creative ways. Especially since Mom was also the former head of Aquila, like notProfessor Rob was now. Maybe there was something about Potions that attracted troublemakers. Potions did let you cause trouble in a sneaky way, because no one would know it was you. Teal didn’t tend to be sneaky. When she wanted to bother someone, they knew.

Teal frowned at the instructions that Rob made appear on the board. Hiccuping Solution? It looked awfully complicated. She wasn’t a potions genius like Mom-- not that she was bad at it, Teal hastily corrected herself, but it wasn’t as effortless as Mom made it seem. Then again, Mom’s a grown-up.

And apparently they weren’t making the super complicated potion today! Teal grinned with relief and wiped her appley mouth with her sleeve. So what was the point if they weren’t making it…? She hiccuped once and stuffed her sleeve back over her mouth. Apples always made her hiccup, especially when she ate fast!

Except then someone ELSE hiccuped. The pieces came together like a plate being reparo-ed just as notProfessor Rob explained he’d made everyone, including Teal, hiccup. The second-year glared as she hiccuped loudly again, shaking the bench. Hiccuping hippogriffs, they had to cure themselves? What if they got it wrong?? You couldn’t just drink any old random potion you whipped up! (Unless you were Mom). Hiccup.

“Considering we’ve technically been poisoned, I’m kinda having the time of my - hic! - life right now.” The kid next to her seemed way too happy about hiccups. “Wanna work on the reversal thing together? Because - hic! - I'm gonna need a partner. I honestly have no idea where to start.”

His smile was infectious, and Teal couldn’t help grinning back at the big-eared kid next to her. “Well okay-- hic -- but I’m not sure I know what to -- hic -- do either!” She dropped her quill on the table as another hiccup hit. “You’re Raja, right? Teal.”

These hiccups! What made hiccups go away-- something that would calm, maybe? She grabbed her textbook, but didn’t open it. Something Raja has said, plus notProfessor Rob’s hint, started bubbling in her mind.

She hiccuped loudly again, then thumped her chest (as if that would help!). Evil notProfessor Rob and his stupid hiccups! “Reversal thing? And he said it’ll glow blue! Raja, you’re a genius. It’s the Basic Reversal Solution!” Teal pushed her textbook away and threw her arms around Raja’s shoulders, grinning delightedly (and hiccuping). “You did it!”

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    • It seems hic-splicable to me! - Teal Rosse [Draco], Wed Jan 25 18:58
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