Feelings are lame
Fri Mar 2, 2018 21:10

“Oh, but it brings me such joy,” Kaye responded quickly. She’d be as coarse as she’d like, thank you very much. It was part of her freedom of speech, yes, and it made her happy. Sometimes Kaye didn’t feel much happiness. Her main emotions were snark, rage, and boredom. Currently, she was really happy. With Ruben, better pain management, and even better ways to get under Heather’s skin, very little could bring Kaye down. Even annoying nerds like Myffi.

Myffi had a point about spells and fingerprints or whatever, but Kaye would never admit that out loud. She’d totally thought about that before the other student said anything, of course. “Look, it’s better to be thorough than not. We wouldn’t want to be responsible for this poor, defenseless mannequin’s murder to stay unsolved, right?”

But then Myffi said something interesting. What if Garen had put his real fingerprints in the binder? There was no reason Kaye would need to keep that information, but she totally planned on making note of it anyway. She didn’t know what she’d do with someone’s actual fingerprints, especially another adults, but it would be worse to have the opportunity to do something and not have the fingerprints!

She waved her wand and watched as a few fingerprints appeared. She wasn’t sure who they belonged to since Myffi had the binder. Plus, her mind was still on other things now. It was all the other girl’s fault. …might as well ask, this class was getting more and more boring by the moment. She should’ve skipped and taken a nice, long nap.

“So who would you frame if you had their fingerprints, and what would you frame them for?” She asked. The question was clearly for conversation and not important, but Kaye was curious about the answer. Either Myffi would get offended and decided to scold Kaye even more, or she’d say something actually interesting. Who knew?

  • I have feelings, you know - Myffi, Tue Feb 20 11:17
    “There’s no need to be coarse,” Myffi pointed out to Kaye, her expression pinched into an distasteful grimace as the other girl swore at her twice, using words and also a hand gesture. Myffi took the ... more
    • Feelings are lame - Kaye, Fri Mar 2 21:10
      • Denial is a waste of time - Myffi, Sun Mar 4 11:15
        Kaye made some fingerprints appear, and Myffi took out an A4 sized notebook (made from recycled paper) from her bag. She roughly sketched out the crime scene and began numbering where they had found... more
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