Denial is a waste of time
Sun Mar 4, 2018 11:15

Kaye made some fingerprints appear, and Myffi took out an A4 sized notebook (made from recycled paper) from her bag. She roughly sketched out the crime scene and began numbering where they had found the prints. On the next page of the two-page spread, the Lyra used a duplicating spell to copy the prints over, and numbered them appropriately to match up to her drawing. When they were done they could match up the prints to those provided in the binder, then they would have a map of where each suspect’s prints had been found.

“So who would you frame if you had their fingerprints, and what would you frame them for?” Kaye said unexpectedly while they were working. Myffi raised a skeptical eyebrow. She really couldn’t tell whether Kaye was just making topical conversation or if this is the sort of question she would ask at any time when she was getting to know someone.

“I don’t know if I dislike anyone enough to frame them,” she said as she continued to copy over the fingerprints to her notebook. “I don’t need to frame you, everyone knows you steal Heather’s stuff,” Myffi said pointedly, frowning at her work partner. “I bet your fingerprints wouldn’t prove it though, seeing as you share a room anyway.” Myffi sighed on Heather’s behalf and thought some more about the question.

“Sorry but I’m totally not that vindictive,” she finally said with a shrug. “Why do you ask? Is there anyone you’d want to frame for something?” Myffi didn’t think she had anything to worry about from Kaye. She obviously hadn’t told the staff about the other girl stealing, but then it wasn’t really her business - Heather could tell if she wanted to. Or Susan, who was properly Heather’s best friend. Also Kaye hadn’t told anyone about Myffi and Ruben’s secret distillery, but then that was almost definitely more to do with her hooking up with Ruben than any sympathy towards Myfanwy.

“Okay, I’ve got all these ones down,” she said, gesturing at the prints with her pencil. “Is there anything else you want to check for prints or shall we see if we can match these up to the ones in the binder?”

  • Feelings are lame - Kaye, Fri Mar 2 21:10
    “Oh, but it brings me such joy,” Kaye responded quickly. She’d be as coarse as she’d like, thank you very much. It was part of her freedom of speech, yes, and it made her happy. Sometimes Kaye didn’t ... more
    • Denial is a waste of time - Myffi, Sun Mar 4 11:15
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