The penguins are friendly
Sat Mar 10, 2018 13:07

But Danny’s old?” Torn between affront and amusement, Holland stifled a wry laugh. They knew what Marley meant, even though neither of her suggestions seemed likely to hold water. Claudia was already older now than Danny had been when he had become comfortable enough with queer people not to let his upbringing affect his friendships, so age didn’t necessary lead to understanding. And although Holland had faith in Danny on several matters, none of which were an ability to convince Claudia to abandon her prejudices.

Marley seemed to be hoping for very concrete paths forward, but Holland had none to offer. It would have been nice to be able to say for certain how things would proceed with Claudia, and not just for Marley’s sake. Holland doubted that Danny’s sister would be pleased—or receptive to discussion—if when if they reached the point at which they’d want her to know they were going out.

Holland laid out their answer the way they would in a debate, as though a well-constructed defense would make them right. “All I mean is that she’s capable of getting it. They come from the same background, and they’ve been living in the same environment the last few years, so if Danny could overcome those prejudices, it stands to reason that Claudia could too.” The circumstances weren’t quite the same. In first year, Holland had had social pressure on their side; the fact that Marissa and Rose were mutual friends of both Lyras had made it inconvenient for Danny to disrespect Holland’s identity. They didn’t think Marley had that advantage. Eleven-year-old Holland had also had the patience to explain queer identities to Danny—an attribute they suspected Marley didn’t share. They wanted to believe that their friendship with Claudia would help, yet it was difficult to be optimistic given what Marley was saying. Holland leaned on the side of nature over nurture, but they were on the fence about whether Claudia’s intransigence was learned or innate.

Turning their attention back to the investigation, Holland reviewed their findings. “Most of the prints on this canopic jar match Liam West. There are some smaller prints, but they don’t match the house elf, so I think they might be partials from Liam.” Professor Blair-West had two small children, but their photographs and fingerprints were not included in the binder, so Holland hoped the professor hadn’t cheated by including samples from them. Of course in a real crime scene one wouldn’t have the advantage of a binder of suspects, but given that they were investigating a mock Egyptian tomb it felt safe to say this was not to be perceived as a real crime scene.

Holland set down the binder and carefully opened the jar. There was a small brass key inside, which they removed. “See anything with a lock?” Glancing over at Marley, they noticed her holding a small pointed object. “Oh, what did you find?”

  • Well, no, but it seems a lonely place - Marley, Mon Feb 26 16:00
    There was a reason Marley liked confiding in Holland and just being around them so much. Well, okay, there were actually lots of reasons. They were super patient and understanding with all of her... more
    • The penguins are friendly - Holland, Sat Mar 10 13:07
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