Maverick Buchannan
Yeah, I get it.
Tue Apr 10, 2018 19:35


Maverick’s attention diverted from the marble statue he was currently working on - a large shark head, like the one on movie posters - at the sound of the familiar voice. It was Holland. Good. Mave didn’t like other people seeing what he was doing before it was done, but it was okay with Holland. They tended to understand him, which was a pleasant change of pace compared to the rest of his seventeen years of existence. He wasn’t expecting something as clearly important from them as “I really need to talk to you” seemed to suggest, but he nodded to signal them to go on.

Claudia Dubois was Danny “Pretty Boy” Dubois’s little sister. They were purebloods, which had made Maverick initially suspicious of Holland’s relationship with the older one (despite the satisfaction in his immediate reaction, which was, “I knew that kid couldn’t be straight”) because their world was, as Mave understood it, crappy and bigoted. That was broadly speaking, of course, but Maverick was jaded enough to assign broad labels to groups who did the same to people like them first. But Danny, from Holland’s report, was pretty good at stuff. He was definitely good at being Holland’s boyfriend. But Claudia Dubois was apparently not good at being Holland’s boyfriend’s sister.

His chest tightened. Hanging at his sides, his fists tightened as well, an immediate and involuntary response. “That’s pineapple-ing bullcrap,” he said threw his teeth, using stronger language than indicated in both instances.

Maverick had been through enough hate in his life that it wasn’t as easy as a memory flashing back to the surface because of this. It was an ocean of similarity, of the feeling Holland described thanks to this little (w)itch. He’d been here too many times. “I knew it,” he muttered, temporarily forgetting he wasn’t alone, lost in his thoughts. “This place is just like all the others.”

He glanced up again, and, upon seeing Holland, pulled himself back to them. This wasn’t about him this time. Maverick, who had possibly not had physical contact with literally anyone at RMI in the history of ever, suddenly grabbed Holland by the shoulders. He didn’t move or grip in a threatening way, but it was hardly playful, either. It was well-intended, but decidedly serious. “Hey,” he said firmly. “Pineapple her, okay? Pineapple all of that crap. You just… you keep doing you, okay? There’s always gonna be more of us, and people need to see it. There’s kids out there like us. They need to see you. So pineapple her.”

  • I could use someone who gets it [Maverick] - Holland Keene, Tue Apr 10 19:00
    Holland couldn’t control who didn’t know about Claudia confronting them—in a school like RMI it seemed inevitable that people would find out, although hopefully it wouldn’t become a big deal outside... more
    • Yeah, I get it. - Maverick Buchannan, Tue Apr 10 19:35
      • Boy, you really got me - Holland, Tue Apr 10 20:28
        “ I knew it. This place is just like all the others. ” Holland knew what Maverick’s other places had been like, and they didn’t want that to be true. An individual holding a prejudice—even a few... more
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