Boy, you really got me
Tue Apr 10, 2018 20:28

I knew it. This place is just like all the others.

Holland knew what Maverick’s other places had been like, and they didn’t want that to be true. An individual holding a prejudice—even a few individuals—didn’t poison the whole school. Holland had never felt unwelcome or unsafe at RMI in the past, even after the Lucien thing, even after that fight between Connor Farnon and Drew Tennant that had been about race and orientation. Neither of those things had affected Holland’s view of RMI, and this wouldn’t either. Claudia might not be accepting, but at the big-picture level, Holland saw the staff and their friends supporting them. RMI was different.

Maverick grabbed them by the shoulders. Holland was comfortable with him most of the time, but they weren’t physically affectionate with their friends, and they were still on edge from yesterday, and this was so sudden that Holland nearly put up a Shield Charm or cast a Stinging Hex. They resisted the instinct toward magic, instead taking Maverick by the wrists as they shrugged his hands off of them.

“It’s not about that,” Holland said, watching Maverick curiously. Yes, role models were important for young queer kids, especially trans and nonbinary people, but—“There’s no danger that I’m gonna decide to stop… being me. I know that that’s not actually how I feel about my identity or my love life or my presentation.

“But she just… dislikes who I am so much. What if…” Holland exhaled slowly. This worry had been building since they had started the college application process. Most of their schools were in liberal-ish cities, but Holland didn’t know them the way they knew RMI. Just because one of the many factors in Holland’s ultimate decision would be queer resources and on-campus attitudes, it didn’t mean that their individual classmates or professors would be accepting. University policies and laws only protected them from discrimination at a systemic level, not a personal one. “Is it just going to be like this forever? Like, what if my college cohort is like this? Am I just not going to be able to make friends? Or what about when I’m trying to get a job in the wizarding world? What if Lucien was right,” Holland had told Maverick about that confrontation, the year before he’d transferred into RMI, “and in the real world, everyone is like him and Claudia?”

  • Yeah, I get it. - Maverick Buchannan, Tue Apr 10 19:35
    “Hey.” Maverick’s attention diverted from the marble statue he was currently working on - a large shark head, like the one on movie posters - at the sound of the familiar voice. It was Holland. Good. ... more
    • Boy, you really got me - Holland, Tue Apr 10 20:28
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