Then let's get to work
Fri Jan 27, 2017 16:06

It seemed her question was unnecessary, as Claudia had already started rifling through her textbook before she’d even finished talking. “Hic! Wow, you’re fast!” That was pretty impressive to Marley. It was normally really hard for her to re-find the right pages, even though of course she always read her textbooks (or most of them) (...oh, okay, the only books she read cover-to-cover last year were for History of Magic, and that was because Professor Boot scared her a little. Not that he was a scary type of person, but his eyebrows were craaazy, and the way he talked had Marley convinced that he was secretly an ancient ghost in disguise, and if he was a ghost in diguise then the real question was why? Why would a ghost sneak into RMI to teach history lessons? She harboured a complex, internal fantasy that he was waiting for his long-lost great-great-great-grandchildren to turn eleven and start school, so that he could swoop them away and... erm... That part was still a bit of a hole).

She leaned in over Claudia’s shoulder to study the page while listening to the other girl’s explanation. When Mister Rob had been giving the class instructions earlier, Marley had thought that surely there must be a specific reversal potion for this. But the more she thought about it, the more she supposed it made sense that the potion as it was written in the textbook wouldn’t entirely work. She guessed it was just like, a basic potion that had to be changed to change to reverse other specific potions. Wasn’t that kind of risky for the class? Marley had only blown up a potion once last year, but that had been while trying to follow the textbook directions exactly, which implied that inventing potions should have a much higher explosion risk. Potions professors like Mister Rob probably had a lot of training so that they could stop students before they made any too-big mistakes.

Distracted with her own thoughts, brown eyes glazed over as she continued staring at the page in Claudia’s book, Marley hadn’t noticed that Claudia, too, hadn’t been paying attention to her. She blinked as the other girl apologized. “Oh, um, that’s fine? And like, I don’t really have any ideas - hic - of what would be best to add to the potion. So really, I should say sorry.” She offered a smile. “I can start making the basic reversal potion. It’ll probably be faster if we split the work, anyways.” That, and she wouldn’t have a clue where to start with the research side of things. Despite being part-way through their second year now, she still felt like she didn’t have even a sliver of understanding in terms of what different potions ingredients actually did.

Peering again at Claudia’s book to check the number, she flipped open her own text to the right page. The potion looked pretty simple - well, especially compared to the original one Mister Rob had written on the board. For instance, half a cauldron of water was the first step. Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best example, since the Hiccuping Solution also had water for the first step, but regardless, water was easy. Even her uncle could boil water, and he was a Muggle whose normal food habits involved mostly take-out Chinese! While she waited for it to boil, Marley dug through her potions kit to pull out the rest of the ingredients she would need. Lining up a shrivelfig beside the others, she hiccoughed again and glanced over to Claudia. “How’re you doing?”

  • I grudgingly concur - Claudia, Wed Jan 25 15:06
    It certainly could have been worse. Marley was nice enough, in Claudia’s experience of sharing classes and occasional assignments with her over the past year. Certainly the Lyra girl was louder and... more
    • Then let's get to work - Marley, Fri Jan 27 16:06
      • I thought he had, already? - Claudia, Sat Jan 28 14:21
        Marley opted to start making the potion, and Claudia nodded her agreement. “Help yourself to my kit if you need anything,” she nudged the leather bag on the floor with her foot to indicate which was... more
        • Well, now it's official! - Marley, Sat Jan 28 16:56
          Marley blinked at the black seeds on the counter. Oh, wait. She’d accidentally pulled out a bottle of sunflower seeds instead of dill. Presumably because her stomach had made a little growl, and... more
          • *waves official flag* - Claudia, Wed Feb 1 05:07
            Claudia felt bolstered that Marley seemed to agree with her reasoning for salamander blood. She was so pleased with their progresses, in fact, she even consented to skin the shrivelfig. “Yes, okay,”... more
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