Dade Farnon
Sat Apr 28, 2018 12:50

It was time for Defense Against the Dark Arts, which Dade no longer had with Connor, which was about the nicest thing he could say about the class. It was run by Kit’s aunt, who was weird and lame, instead of by someone who was actually qualified. Or well, Dade assumed that Kit’s aunt wasn’t qualified because she pranced around like an idiot and talked like and idiot and seemed like she was making it all up as she went along - like an idiot - and all-in-all acted exactly like someone would expect someone who was Kit’s aunt to act. There was something seriously wrong with that family.

Whether or not Dade would drop Defense next year was questionable. He suspected Remington (and maybe eventually Drew) would want to keep taking it, especially since with Ruben graduating that would leave them without good instruction, but it wasn’t like being in Defense contributed to them learning anything either. Even if Kit’s aunt had been any good at her job, Dade was fairly certain that they wouldn’t be learning anything that he, specifically, found to be worth his while. Everyone in his little group was interested in learning what Ruben had to teach them, but Dade had often found himself lingering a little closer to Ruben than the others, tempted to ask questions that he wasn’t sure he wanted Drew or Remington to know he was asking. He hadn’t worked up the courage yet, though. Drew and Remington had actual reasons to need to know how to protect themselves. Dade was just kind of along for the ride.

Or maybe not, came the voice that he spent a fair amount of time ignoring.

After finding out that Holland had been hexed by Claudia, Dade had immediately stopped being friends with her, because she was clearly terrible if she had a problem with Danny dating Holland just because Holland wasn’t a girl. It had also made Dade very anxious, largely because of the conversation he’d had with Holland last year. The conversation that he spent a lot of time wondering about, and a similar amount of time trying to forget. It was easy when he was around Kit (she would never stop talking, ever) or Drew (spending time with Drew usually took all of Dade’s attention) or even Remington (who he still considered his best friend) but when he was not doing those things and not deeply immersed in a book or his own - extracurricular - studies, it kept creeping up on him. Since he’d heard about the thing with Claudia, anyway.

Dade hadn’t talked to anyone else about it though and he was sure by this point that Holland and Rose hadn’t said anything either. Sometimes he thought about asking Drew about it - Drew’s dad was with another man, which Dade figured meant he knew something about that sort of thing - but whenever he got Drew alone he chickened out or got distracted by whatever Drew was talking about. Usually music. Dade had learned a lot about music since being friends with Drew, which wasn’t really something he was that interested in, but he kind of was now. Or at least, it was interesting when Drew talked about it.

He tromped into Defense alone, not having caught up with Remington beforehand because he’d come straight from Cetus and he was kind of in a bad mood, probably because he was going to Defense. Dade also kind of had a headache from the book he’d been reading, which was an upper level magic book that he understood maybe a third of, perhaps because another third of it was written in a language he didn’t know in an alphabet he didn’t recognize. Maybe he could drop Defense next year and just do extra lessons with Professor McKindy, since he clearly knew about defensive magic. He definitely couldn’t wait until he could do Animagus lessons.

There were no chairs in the room and the ‘professor’ was sitting on top of a large chest. Great. It was another creature day. Dade hated creature days. He didn’t mind creatures as a whole, but whenever they had to do creatures in Defense it was always in a bad way. As much as he was sure that defending themselves against magical things was important, he was also not dumb enough to go wandering in a bog or whatever for a hinkypunk to lure him into its grasp. Who went wandering into bogs, anyway? Making a face, Dade sat cross-legged on the floor and put his bag down next to him. He was wearing his usual khakis and a polo shirt, which made him uncomfortable when he thought about it. He hated looking exactly like Connor.

Well, not exactly. The two brothers had different coloured hair and Dade had much darker skin than Connor, who was pale as a ghost. But they dressed enough alike that Dade didn’t like it. He wanted to be different than Connor in every way possible. Especially now that Claudia and Connor were still friends even though Claudia had hexed Holland and was a terrible person. Dade had known that Connor didn’t like Holland, but whenever he thought about how Connor supported Claudia’s decision to hex them, Dade felt a little bit like throwing up.

As soon as the ‘professor’ started talking, Dade noticed the chalkboard floating around the lab. It was going in between students for no apparent reason, and it nearly hit him on the head before it ducked away. The boy narrowed hazel eyes in its direction and wished he could set it on fire. They were apparently talking about boggarts, which Dade didn’t know a lot about, but as the older students gave more and more information a ball of ice settled in the bottom of Dade’s stomach. And then the ‘professor’ told them that they were all to take on the boggart, and that was the moment that Dade decided that he was absolutely, positively, and unquestionably done with this class.

But he didn’t want to make a scene. He didn’t trust this professor to leave him alone if he walked out of the room, and he didn’t want anyone else to notice him going. Casting furtive glances at the door, Dade waited until the boggart was out and someone - Claudia’s older brother? - was confronting their fear. Picking up his backpack, Dade edged closer to the door and slipped out of the room while everyone else’s attention was on what was going on with the boggart and the chest.

If a boggart displayed your worst fear, Dade wasn’t sure what his would display. He had a suspicion about his worst fear, but it wasn’t exactly something the boggart could turn into, but he didn’t want to find out what it would do. And he absolutely did not want practically the entire rest of the school finding out either. Would he have been willing to face a boggart in private? Maybe - Dade wasn’t actually afraid of the boggart himself. But in front of everyone? Absolutely not.

On the way down the hallway, back to the safety of his dorm room, Dade kicked the wall angrily, leaving a scuff mark. What a stupid lesson. She’d better not be giving them participation points for this.

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        • You got the reference! Yay! - Marissa , Sat May 19 20:57
          It didn’t take long for Marissa to place the voice. She’d honestly expected someone else - maybe Rose or Danny or Holland - to come check on her. Her heart sunk slightly when she realized it wasn’t... more
    • - Dade Farnon, Sat Apr 28 12:50
      • Same - Claudia Dubois, Sat Apr 28 14:16
        Professor Embers was okay. Claudia knew that a lot of the other students didn’t like her, and it was true that her teaching was sporadic at best, but she was far more approachable than many of the... more
        • But different - Dade, Sat Apr 28 14:21
          It was Claudia walking down the hall, trying to talk to him like they were friends still. They weren’t friends still. She was Connor’s friend, not Dade’s friend. “Go. away.” Dade said through gritted ... more
          • Quite different - Claudia, Sun Apr 29 10:36
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        • We're all in this together - Teal, Sun May 6 21:07
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      • But let's drag it out instead - Ruben Lundqvist, Thu May 3 15:04
        The only reason Ruben had continued on in taking Defense Against the Dark Arts in past years was because Ivy Rasnick was both hot and capable of skimming over the defense bit in the class's name, at... more
        • You're into drag? - Dardanius, Thu May 3 19:02
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          • I'm into dragging you - Ruben, Fri May 4 22:41
            Ruben’s smirk broadened, and he brushed off Danny’s thanks with an airy wave. “Nej, nej, you deserved it.” He watched with blatant satisfaction as the darker-haired student (and much shorter-haired,... more
            • Whatever floats your boat - Danny, Sat May 5 15:01
              Wait did Ruben think he was serious? He had only been dating Holland for - it had to be less than five months. Definitely not long enough for anything like… like that . If they had been engaging in... more
              • And whatever rocks yours - Ruben, Mon May 7 20:36
                Ruben experienced a mild but undeniable surge of relief at the denial. (In addition to this came a less mild and absolutely not necessary to deny surge of humour at the mental image of Emmett in... more
                • Your interest in me is flattering - Danny, Thu May 10 09:25
                  “It’s only a mind-game that a Boggart takes out of your head,” Ruben countered. There wasn’t much known about boggarts, or the type of magic that enabled the creature to access a person’s fears. If a ... more
                  • Well duh, my attention is hard to earn - Ruben, Wed May 16 18:11
                    “You guess correctly,” Ruben confirmed, his voice taking on a cheerier tone just at the suggestion. “Not only because it is more interesting, but also, the real world is not controlled. Any... more
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