But different
Sat Apr 28, 2018 14:21

It was Claudia walking down the hall, trying to talk to him like they were friends still. They werenít friends still. She was Connorís friend, not Dadeís friend.

ďGo. away.Ē Dade said through gritted teeth. He didnít like Claudia, he didnít want to be around Claudia, and he absolutely did not want to be talking to Claudia. She had hexed Holland and made it clear that she didnít approve of Holland, and that meant that whatever he was she wouldnít approve of him either, and she might hex him too if she knew. And if they hadnít just come from a class where the idiot in charge had been making them show their worst fear to all of their classmates, Dade might have been less wary of Claudia. But there had been a boggart in their class, and even though Dade knew that there was no way the boggart had reacted to him, he still felt vulnerable and he didnít like that. Claudia was dangerous and he was alone with her and that was not a good thing. He wanted Remington or Drew to be there with him, but they werenít.

Dadeís wand was in the pocket of the robes he wore over the outfit that was so similar to Connorís, and he slid his hand into the pocket so he could wrap his fingers around his wand. He felt static crackling on the back of his neck and his grip around his wand tightened. If he hexed her first she couldnít hex him, right?

Ruben hadnít been teaching them things that they could do in response to people doing stuff to them. He had also been teaching them things they could do to people first. And a lot of the reading Dade had been doing surrounded that sort of thing as well. His mouth felt dry and it felt like time was moving very quickly and very slowly at the same time. He felt dizzy. He walked faster, hoping to lose Claudia, before realizing that the older student was probably going to the same place.

Technically, Claudia hadnít done anything to him. But Dade didnít want to give her the chance to do anything to him. He knew that he probably couldnít make her go away forever, but he did know that he could probably scare her into leaving him alone. Probably. So he turned around and pulled his wand out and yelled a spell that would fling Claudia backwards, then another one that would make her feel like she was covered in particularly painful fire ants.

Except Dadeís voice cracked in the middle of the second spell and his hand twitched involuntarily and all of a sudden the entire strip of carpet that covered the centre of the hallway, revealing flat stone on either side, burst into a roaring flame.

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