Quite different
Sun Apr 29, 2018 10:36

Dade’s habitual rudeness as he told her to go away grated less on Claudia than usual. She was still incensed by his audacity to speak to anyone like that - he’d had the same upbringing as Connor; how could one brother be so well bred and the other so poorly mannered? - but she was in no humour to lecture him yet again in the merits of politeness. She merely replied with a haughty, yet quietly spoken, “I’ll go wherever I choose.” Where she chose was her dormitory, where she would educate herself about boggarts in a calm and sensible manner. Perhaps she would make up the practical element of the class with Professor Embers privately, where she was subject neither to others students’ fears, nor their knowing hers. As Dade was heading in the same direction, he was presumably also aiming for the Cetus commons. It was preposterous for him to deny her that, yet his eagerness to avoid her was apparent as he hastened away. Claudia was already battling with too many conflicting thoughts and emotions to care whether Dade wanted to -

Suddenly Dade had drawn his wand on her and was shouting a spell. Claudia didn’t even think of reaching for her own wand. “Wh-?” was all the sound she made before she was flung backwards away from the underclassman. Her ankle twisted painfully beneath her as she landed, but Claudia had barely winced when the carpet inches from her burst into flame.

Her first instinct to make itself known through her sudden, panicked bewilderment was to make sure that Dade was okay. Claudia looked up and saw him still with his wand in hand. He - had done it. He had told her to go away, and then when she’d kept going in the same direction, he’d magically pushed her away. Then tried to set her on fire.

Mild panic was replaced by terror; Claudia’s prevailing instinct now was self preservation. Her own wand was in her fingers in less than a second as she cast two spells in quick succession at her assailant: Expelliarmus, followed by Petrificus Totalus. Then she doubled over and involuntarily emptied the contents of her stomach onto the corridor floor where she remained, unable to stand with the pain in her foot and the foggy feeling in her head and the trembles that were shaking her whole body. Help she thought. I need help.

Barely able to hold her wand still, Claudia cast a spell that sent a noise like a siren wailing down the corridor like a banshee. The corridor was on fire. Dade had set the corridor on fire. Dade had been trying to set her on fire. She didn’t know if her spells against him had worked; she clung to her wand despite her violent tremors making it impossible to keep still. She couldn’t think of the spell to freeze the flames. She couldn’t think of anything.

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    • Quite different - Claudia, Sun Apr 29 10:36
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