Shifty Eyes
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Mon Apr 30, 2018 21:13

Despite the constant malfunctioning of the school, it had been a quiet time for Shifty at Rocky Mountain International. He felt almost disappointed that so much mayhem was caused by someone other than himself. What was the point of having a Shifty around if he was being so underused? It made the poltergeist begin to question his position at the underground institute of magic.

See, back in the day, it was Shifty who caused all the chaos! He was known as the Manic Panic; he made the little children feel a healthy dose of fear! He also brought them joy. Whether or not they’d admit it, they loved a good dose of mayhem. The adults did, too! Some had been around for many moons, and they had never tried to get rid of him (well, outside of that one time, but it was fine, they didn’t mean it in the end).

But what was his purpose?

The children, both ickle and grown, were causing their own problems at this point. Sometimes they even worked together! He had spied some of the tiny ones working with the tall long haired boy on different little spells and tricksies, oh how fun it looked! But they didn’t need old Shifty. They had a new, younger model. Well, perhaps when that one graduated, they would need the merry trickster once more! They’d see! And the older years didn’t seem to want him much either. Marissa, so grown now, had barely even mentioned little parties that he could help.

He phased through one of the walls with a sigh. Shifty needed a new position. Or he needed new kiddos who needed him. Perhaps by becoming something new, he would be needed again! And he would have a new reign of lovely chaos and mayhem, some that everyone could enjoy, and things would be right with the world. Until then, until he found a new job at Rocky Mountain International, things would continue to be quiet.

…or not.

As he made his way through another wall with the most dramatic of sighs, tears nearly in his eyes because no one needed Shifty anymore… gasp! There were sirens! And there were two little students causing it. That’s when it clicked inside of Shifty’s head. He could prove that he was still needed by handling these troublemakers!

In and out of walls he phased, screeching along the way , until he appeared in Garen Tennant’s office. “NAUGHTY STUDENTS!!!!” He announced before practically dragging Garen out of his office. It took Shifty at least one try before he remembered that Garen could not also phase through the wall. The man might be a little bruised later (Shifty was in a HURRY!), but he would understand the urgency as soon as he saw!

Once they were close enough to hear the alarms, Shifty ditched the drama director and found the children once more. With another shriek of “NAUGHTY CHILDREN!!!!” and a swoosh overhead, he conjured enough water to soak the corridor and, in theory, stop the fire. It wasn’t guaranteed – assuming this was magical fire – but an attempt was made. And Shifty floated over the two triumphantly, one hand pointing at each student as smoke started to leave the hallway. He looked Garen dead in the eyes when he arrived and announced, in a very serious voice (because he was now an Old, Wise, Mature Shifty), “Naughty. Children.”

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    • Now for something completely different! - Shifty Eyes, Mon Apr 30 21:13
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