Maverick Buchannan
In not so many words [Russell]
Thu May 3, 2018 16:52

Maverick had talked himself out of it and back into it like eighty-five times at this point, but he was tired of being wishy-washy, and he didn’t want all his efforts thus far to be for nothing, so now he was fully committing to this. No matter how much of a terrible idea it probably was. It was terrible, wasn’t it? The statue was terrible. The concept was terrible. He was terrible. And Russell was not going to like it.

When he heard about Jaws, Mave had been pretty upset. Which was probably weird - to be so upset over somebody else’s pet - but he had a major weak spot for animals, and Jaws was such a good little guy. It wasn’t fair that animals had such generally short lives and people got to live so long. Most people were terrible, but animals were great. There were definitely more than a few people here he would probably trade for a mouse.

Anyway, he hadn’t wanted to make a sculpture of a literal mouse because, as any animal lover would know, they were all a little bit different, and he didn’t want the art to have to be constantly compared to the real Jaws, flawed forever in its differences from its inspiration. So he’d gone a bit more conceptual, thinking about who Jaws was. And then he’d had an idea, inspired by the name.

Maybe Russell wouldn’t get it, but the shark head seemed like an alternative route to pay homage to the little fluffy guy. It was a portrait of an essence as opposed to merely a picture of the literal. That much, he was certain Russell would get. Hopefully.

The final product was a shark head carved atop a marble Grecian pillar. That was just for stability, size, and because, well, they were fun to do and looked good. But for now, it was covered by a white sheet in the practical lab where it was sculpted, and the artist paced nervously around it, waiting for the recipient to arrive.

    • Don't we need words, though? - Russell Drew, Sat May 5 15:13
      Maverick's invitation to join him in the lab today had been pretty unexpected. He knew that the older Cetus did a lot of his artsy stuff in there, having walked in on him once by accident and a... more
      • Not necessarily - Maverick, Thu May 10 16:41
        Russell was here. Russell was here . Shit. Well, no backing out now, Maverick supposed. Any attempts would only be even more awkward and stupid than this was bound to be. After all, since he’d... more
        • Phew, because I'm all out - Russell, Mon May 14 20:41
          Mave’s returning “Hey” was pretty nonchalant. He might have paid more attention to that in past months, paired with some convenient overthinking and the conclusion that his fellow Cetus had... more
          • We'll find other ways to communicate. - Maverick, Sun May 20 09:32
            These pauses were killing him. Mave recognized that he had taken strange and long pauses in in introducing the statue, but this break before Russell said anything felt like forever. It felt so long... more
            • Fingers crossed those other ways work - Russell, Tue May 22 18:43
              Regardless of whether or not he should be crying at a shark, he was . That was embarrassing, but embarrassment wasn’t on his priorities list of emotions right now, so despite the tears coming faster... more
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