You're into drag?
Thu May 3, 2018 19:02

Really the last thing Danny needed right now was for Ruben to taunt him, but the Lyra realized this was, in fact, inevitable. Although, actually, maybe mockery from his nemesis-turned-unlikely-friend was exactly the thing he needed. This was normal; this was real. A future where fighting for Holland wasn’t worth it - not because they had both tried but failed, but because either of them considered each other unworthy of the trouble - that was fake. 'Your father might change his mind yet,' said a small voice somewhere in his consciousness, which Danny elected to ignore.

"Could've fought anything you wanted, but instead you put Holland into pyjamas,” Ruben said, proving, again, that he was all about the fighting, and that more subtle nuances were lost on him. Danny considered that he would pick Holland in pyjamas over fighting anything any day, so if Ruben was trying to make a point, it was lost on his less violent classmate. Instead Ruben gave Danny a literal gold star he had Transfigured. Danny grinned, made a point of thanking him, and took the proffered token with a thoughtful expression.

“You know,” he said, fixing the star magically to the front of his bottle green t-shirt, “usually when I’m with Holland in pajamas,” his lips twitched upwards, “I get more than just a gold star.” Danny glanced over at Holland, relieved they could not hear his conversation because he doubted they would approve. 'They did call you entitled,' the voice said; Danny ignored it. Instead he smiled quite pleasantly at Ruben and added, almost conversationally, “Although if I did get a gold star, I’d have a whole wall of them by now.”

Feigning interest in the boggart as it transformed into another student’s fear, Danny struggled to compose himself. Now that his panic had completely subsided he was left with a desire to reassure himself that Holland did still want him, considering all potential variables of what could easily happen to him in the not-distant future. Joking with Ruben had not dampened this sensation, but fueled it. There was nothing to be done right now - Holland was still waiting there turn to face the boggart, along with most of the rest of the class - but later they would not doubt want to discuss it.

“Last time it was a Bludger,” Danny said to Ruben, but still watching Holland. “One broke my knee in second year. This new form took me by surprise.” He glanced at Ruben. “What about you?” Danny knew Ruben’s last school had emphasized the Dark Arts over the Defense Against the same, but he wasn’t sure how boggarts fit into that scenario. “Ever done this” - he nodded his head towards the creature that had stepped from the chest - “before?”

  • But let's drag it out instead - Ruben Lundqvist, Thu May 3 15:04
    The only reason Ruben had continued on in taking Defense Against the Dark Arts in past years was because Ivy Rasnick was both hot and capable of skimming over the defense bit in the class's name, at... more
    • You're into drag? - Dardanius, Thu May 3 19:02
      • I'm into dragging you - Ruben, Fri May 4 22:41
        Ruben’s smirk broadened, and he brushed off Danny’s thanks with an airy wave. “Nej, nej, you deserved it.” He watched with blatant satisfaction as the darker-haired student (and much shorter-haired,... more
        • Whatever floats your boat - Danny, Sat May 5 15:01
          Wait did Ruben think he was serious? He had only been dating Holland for - it had to be less than five months. Definitely not long enough for anything like… like that . If they had been engaging in... more
          • And whatever rocks yours - Ruben, Mon May 7 20:36
            Ruben experienced a mild but undeniable surge of relief at the denial. (In addition to this came a less mild and absolutely not necessary to deny surge of humour at the mental image of Emmett in... more
            • Your interest in me is flattering - Danny, Thu May 10 09:25
              “It’s only a mind-game that a Boggart takes out of your head,” Ruben countered. There wasn’t much known about boggarts, or the type of magic that enabled the creature to access a person’s fears. If a ... more
              • Well duh, my attention is hard to earn - Ruben, Wed May 16 18:11
                “You guess correctly,” Ruben confirmed, his voice taking on a cheerier tone just at the suggestion. “Not only because it is more interesting, but also, the real world is not controlled. Any... more
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