We're all in this together
Sun May 6, 2018 21:07

Someone jumped in front of her (Teal had her eyes clenched shut, so she couldn’t see who). All of a sudden, there were bright, flashing lights, and a sort of metallic wailing. A banshee? With fireworks?? What happened to the lethifold? It was a boggart. Right. Teal breathed heavily, trying to calm down. There was a series of loud bangs, like people Apparating but more aggressive, that made Teal flinch. She wiped her eyes with trembling hands and opened them to see Remington standing in front of the bright lights, and then the younger girl successfully cast Riddikulus. (Or, well, Teal assumed she did. What was scary about lights? The wailing was annoying, and those bangs had been loud, but… what was it?) The lights changed to different colored lights, and the wailing changed to this sort of peppy upbeat Muggle music.

Remy smiled at Teal and held out a hand. “Are you okay? It’s gone now. It’s not gonna hurt you.” Teal smiled gratefully back and took the hand to help herself up. She let go as soon as she was standing, because what if Remy was weird about holding hands with a girl that liked girls? Teal didn’t think so, because Remy didn’t hang around with Claudia, who was the source of all disliking-girls-who-like-girls at RMI. But no need to risk it. Teal was glad her boggart hadn’t been Claudia. That would have been super awkward, although the Cetus seemed to have left the class. It was unlike Claudia to skip class, but Teal didn’t care. Anything that kept Claudia from talking to her was great. But Remy was also great for taking on the boggart to protect Teal.

“I’m okay, thanks,” Teal said, trying to smile reassuringly. She didn’t want Remy to get scared because she’d been scared. And she didn’t want Remy to think that she’d actually been that scared. Even though she had been. The fright was starting to wear off, and Teal was starting to get embarrassed about how badly she’d reacted. Had she been as bad as Russell The Vampire? She could feel her face and ears turning red. Remy was younger, and she did a way better job of handling her boggart.

“You were awesome, by the way,” Teal said earnestly. “You just -- bam! No fear! Did you expect it? I didn’t. For mine, I mean. I guess, now I know, so of course I’ll be better next time. I just got surprised.” She cleared her throat nervously and glanced back at the colored lights. Teal still didn’t have any idea what they were, but Remy was obviously prepared to see them.

“So, what was that? Yours, I mean, if you don’t mind me asking. I guess I didn’t see all of it but I’m guessing a banshee? But what’s up with the lights and the Apparating? Apparating isn’t that scary, and you have a while before you’ll learn it anyway. So don’t worry.” Teal realized she was rambling. She didn’t want Remy to regret saving her from the boggart. “Is it a Muggle thing? This music sounds like Muggle music,” she said, gesturing vaguely around. “But you always have those awesome hair bows.”

What Teal meant was that Remy’s enchanted bows had made Teal think she came from a wizard family, because it would take a wizard to make them. So Teal was a bit surprised to see Remy all up with strange Muggle stuff. But Teal didn’t tend to think too hard about her classmates’ backgrounds. Even Connor and Drew’s fight hadn’t fully registered to the Draco. She knew Connor had insulted Drew and his dads, and that he’d used Very Bad Words, but Teal certainly didn’t understand the full significance of what had been said. She knew that Connor didn’t approve of Drew having dads plural. But Connor and Claudia hung out all the time, so they were garbage together. Teal looked out for people who would judge her for liking girls. (That was how she thought it in her head). She didn’t think to look out for people who judged on anything else.

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