Soaring, Flying?
Mon May 7, 2018 10:14

Despite being frightened by the boggart, Teal wanted to pretend she wasn’t. That was okay; Remington wouldn’t make her admit to things she didn’t want to say. Her best friend was Dade Farnon. The Draco had gotten very good at knowing when to push and when to let it go. This was a moment to let it go. The details weren’t that important anyway.

“Glad you’re okay,” Remington smiled back, “That didn’t look fun at all.”

Teal complimented her, which made her cheeks grow a little hot. It would be hard to tell, thanks to her dark skin tone, but she could still feel it. She didn’t think she was that brave! The boggart was actually less bad than she thought it would be. Remington did that to herself sometimes. She imagined the worst possible scenario she could ever imagine, and then the real thing didn’t end up being that bad. It was like that with the upcoming STOATs. While she logically knew she’d pass all subjects with flying colors, her brain couldn’t stop imagining her scores being all T’s. What if Rocky Mountain International was actually a terrible school and taught nothing like what the rest of the IWCE taught? What if she looked at the test and it was in a completely different language? There were so many unrealistic yet vividly imagined ways that could go wrong.

“Thanks. I’ve read about them, so I spent time thinking about what mine might be. So I guess I expected it, yeah.” Remington shrugged a little. She didn’t want to brag too much. “I’m sure you’ll do better next time now that you know what to expect!”

Then the older girl started asking questions about her boggart. Remington held her breath for a brief moment. Teal must be from a magical family, then. Plus, she wasn’t – it seemed like Teal was really innocent and had a bit of privilege. Was she pureblood? There was no way she was one of those fancy purebloods; Teal came across as more of a Kit than a Claudia. Plus, she was dating-or-maybe-not-dating Marley. It was always weird to remember that, even though they lived in the same place for most of the year, most of the students didn’t know much about each other.

“My dad’s Muggle and my mom’s a witch,” she addressed the easiest thing first. “My dad makes the bows and my mom charms them. I like to think I get the best of both worlds. As for my boggart…” The Draco hesitated. “In the Muggle world we have policemen. They’re kinda like our Aurors, I guess? They’re supposed to protect and serve everyone, but if your skin looks like mine, they don’t. Sometimes. It’s really complicated.” She wasn’t prepared for this conversation. Usually she was much more articulate. “The loud noises were gunshots. The police have guns like Aurors have wands, and sometimes they like to shoot first, ask questions later. So… it sucks and there’s a big history of injustice and racial bias and everything, but yeah.” Remington managed a smile. “That’s my boggart.”

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