Your interest in me is flattering
Thu May 10, 2018 09:25

“It’s only a mind-game that a Boggart takes out of your head,” Ruben countered. There wasn’t much known about boggarts, or the type of magic that enabled the creature to access a person’s fears. If a person could force the boggart to assume a shape by being aware of what frightened them, and elect to keep that fear at the forefront of their mind (it was a popular and plausible theory, considering that one could choose the form a boggart took after the requisite spell had been cast), then was a person really facing their fears after all? He hated that Ruben had a point. “It is always in your head, and you will always be talking yourself away instead of coming over it.”

Very true. Although, “All fears are in your head,” Danny pointed out. The dictionary that had perhaps once belonged to someone but was now always available for communal use in the Lyra commonroom - some evenings Danny and Holland took it in turns to read definitions while the other guessed the appropriate word - defined fear as ‘An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.’ While threat was conceivably quantifiable, fear was a reaction. “A boggart is the only controlled way I know of confronting them face on - though I’m sure you’d prefer an uncontrolled scenario,” he smiled wryly.

As Holland took their turn stepping towards the chest, Ruben suggested that fears that could not be combated with a wand or fist were not worth worrying about. Dardanius disagreed: it was his inability to control the scenario that made it frightening. He’d wager Holland would agree with him, considering their boggart was probably still… oh. Or not. “Did you plan this?”

“No,” Danny croaked, his throat suddenly devoid of all moisture as he watched a yet more arrogant manifestation of himself derogate his Holland. He wasn’t concerned for their ability to successfully conquer the creature (indeed, moments later a frolicking hare had materialized) but concern was definitely an apt descriptor for his feelings at that moment. His instinct told him it couldn’t be healthy for their boggarts to be each other. He hadn’t heard of that happening to students before, but then, he theorized, it wasn’t too unusual for a more abstract fear to be represented by a person of emotional proximity. Holland’s seventh year boggart had been delivering a similar message to their second year boggart, only the messenger had changed. It could have been embarrassing, if Danny were someone who became easily embarrassed. Instead he smiled discreetly; if Holland’s fear of being rejected was as salient when applied to himself as when applied to their parents, that was… indescribably fulfilling.

He wanted to make sure that Holland was okay, but they were talking to Russell; if Danny went over now it would only be even weirder than it already was. He also wanted to reassure them, with actions as well as words, that he would never act like his boggart twin… again. Dardanius was unable to forget he had, once upon a time, been similarly vile. His behavior had been inexcusable, but he assumed, considering their current relationship, that Holland had forgiven him. Holland’s parents had clearly never been so ignorantly judgmental, so it was logical that their boggart would use Danny’s history against them. Suddenly his positive experience of being assured of his importance to Holland was over, replaced instead by concern that they perceived this fear to be a legitimate potential reality. Now Danny was more eager than ever to be with them, but they were still in class, and he was still stuck talking to Ruben.

“That’s uh, endearing, not embarrassing, right?” Danny forced a smile. He didn’t want Ruben to mock him about this. It seemed inevitable that would happen at some point, but preferably not right now, when Danny was feeling almost as shaken by Holland’s boggart as by his own. “Okay, you’ve had a good laugh at my fears,” he deflected, turning his attention away from Holland and back to Ruben for a moment. “It's only fair you return the favor,” he nodded towards the front of the queue.

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