Not necessarily
Thu May 10, 2018 16:41

Russell was here.

Russell was here.


Well, no backing out now, Maverick supposed. Any attempts would only be even more awkward and stupid than this was bound to be. After all, since he’d specifically asked Russell to meet him here, he couldn’t exactly just be like hah, just kidding, nothing to see here, move along. Nope, he had to commit to his only slightly less terrible plan, the one where he gave Russell the sculpture.

“Oh, hey,” he said, trying to sound calm, as if he’d only super casually even noticed the younger boy’s presence. As if he hadn’t totally specifically invited him here. Maverick was super good at this. Just the best.

“Right. Yeah. So,” Mave began ever so eloquently, stepping over to the sculpture. “Here.” He reached out and grabbed the sheet, pulling it off with a dramatic flair. The white linen fluttered through the air, billowing in the current formed by the motion of Maverick’s yank. As it settled on the ground between the two boys, there was a long pause. “It’s, uh. It’s for you,” Maverick explained weakly, shoving both of his hands into his front pockets and hunching forward slightly. He glanced down at his shoes, afraid of watching Russell’s physical reaction.

  • Don't we need words, though? - Russell Drew, Sat May 5 15:13
    Maverick's invitation to join him in the lab today had been pretty unexpected. He knew that the older Cetus did a lot of his artsy stuff in there, having walked in on him once by accident and a... more
    • Not necessarily - Maverick, Thu May 10 16:41
      • Phew, because I'm all out - Russell, Mon May 14 20:41
        Mave’s returning “Hey” was pretty nonchalant. He might have paid more attention to that in past months, paired with some convenient overthinking and the conclusion that his fellow Cetus had... more
        • We'll find other ways to communicate. - Maverick, Sun May 20 09:32
          These pauses were killing him. Mave recognized that he had taken strange and long pauses in in introducing the statue, but this break before Russell said anything felt like forever. It felt so long... more
          • Fingers crossed those other ways work - Russell, Tue May 22 18:43
            Regardless of whether or not he should be crying at a shark, he was . That was embarrassing, but embarrassment wasn’t on his priorities list of emotions right now, so despite the tears coming faster... more
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