We'll find other ways to communicate.
Sun May 20, 2018 09:32

These pauses were killing him. Mave recognized that he had taken strange and long pauses in in introducing the statue, but this break before Russell said anything felt like forever. It felt so long that Maverick wondered if he’d grow a beard before the younger boy spoke, which would have been impressive considering that he wasn’t currently on the hormones necessary for him to be physically able to do so.

When Russell finally spoke, Mave felt it hit him hard in the chest. “Yeah, I made it for you,” he answered with something that almost resembled a weak laugh. Was it really that hard to believe? The seventh year wasn’t one with a reputation for sentimentality or, well, kindness, but it was different with Russell. The kid needed it.

“Sorry, sorry.” And he was reaching up under his glasses, swiping at his eyes. Maverick saw something escape him, trickling down his cheek. Oh god, he’d made Russell cry! Mave wasn’t great with other people’s emotions - or his own, he begrudgingly admitted - and wasn’t sure what he could do, especially since this was his fault. So he just walked a little closer and tried to adopt a somewhat soothing tone, repressing all the awkwardness of the situation even as his heart thumped harder against his ribcage.

“Hey,” he said softly. “It’s okay.” Maverick reached out and gently grabbed Russell’s left hand with his right. Despite the awkwardness, he couldn't help but smile hopefully, which was completely unlike his usual expression and probably looked ridiculous on him. But it felt okay for now.

  • Phew, because I'm all out - Russell, Mon May 14 20:41
    Mave’s returning “Hey” was pretty nonchalant. He might have paid more attention to that in past months, paired with some convenient overthinking and the conclusion that his fellow Cetus had... more
    • We'll find other ways to communicate. - Maverick, Sun May 20 09:32
      • Fingers crossed those other ways work - Russell, Tue May 22 18:43
        Regardless of whether or not he should be crying at a shark, he was . That was embarrassing, but embarrassment wasn’t on his priorities list of emotions right now, so despite the tears coming faster... more
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