Fingers crossed those other ways work
Tue May 22, 2018 18:43

Regardless of whether or not he should be crying at a shark, he was. That was embarrassing, but embarrassment wasn’t on his priorities list of emotions right now, so despite the tears coming faster and sliding past his fingers with greater intensity and starting to choke up his normal breathing pattern, Russell’s fraction of embarrassment upon the initial leak hadn’t increased at all. It might’ve been surprising, considering he was the literal embodiment of social anxiety. Except he was fairly preoccupied with, you know, remembering the death of his best animal-friend and all that.

Then one of his hands, which had lowered slightly to rub at his cheek, was captured by (presumably) Maverick’s warmer hand (presumably, because his eyes were still closed and he was reluctant to open them since this was the first time Maverick had taken his hand and what if it wasn’t actually real it seemed a risky choice when he was already crying through closed eyelids and opening them could very well made it worse). Dampened fingers moved, fumbled, but held on tighter in the end. His sandal-wrapped feet also moved, stumbled, but shifted closer. It wasn’t until he nearly stepped on the other Cetus’ toes that his eyes finally blinked open a crack, momentarily confirming both the hand around his and Mave’s uncharacteristic smile, and then he shut them again.

Pulling his sunglasses off with his free hand, he pressed the much dryer wrist to his eye sockets and exhaled a long, shaky breath. “It… will be okay, I guess.” His voice sounded kind of strangled, or very strangled when compared to Mave’s smoother reassurance, and he couldn’t smile back either, but there wasn’t anything he could do about that except hold his hand a little tighter and force out a sincere yet still quavering “Th-thank you.” A pause and then: “I think I’ve gotta sit down.” His body hadn’t lost its energy in quite the same way as when he had last sat on the lab floor post-Boggart, but it sure felt comparable right now, as if muscles and fat and bone - okay, realistically, mostly bones - had been sucked dry. With the exception of his heart, which was banging around, equal parts upset for the nth time over Jaws and unsure how to react to Maverick’s hand around his. Were the hand not there, he would’ve probably just sunk down already, but that somehow was less than desirable right now, as somehow it was both the weirdest and not-weirdest thing and now his eyes were tearing again but surely not because of that.

  • We'll find other ways to communicate. - Maverick, Sun May 20 09:32
    These pauses were killing him. Mave recognized that he had taken strange and long pauses in in introducing the statue, but this break before Russell said anything felt like forever. It felt so long... more
    • Fingers crossed those other ways work - Russell, Tue May 22 18:43
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