Myfanwy Owen
Welcome to RMI's Recycling Fair!
Wed Jun 6, 2018 05:41

As promised, Myffi was holding her recycling fair this Sunday morning. The event, along with the main competition, had been well advertised so Myfanwy was certain all the staff and students would be aware that it was happening. The sixth year had taken an early breakfast and immediately proceeded to arrange the room: there were smaller tables around the edges with posters, fliers, and books about reducing waste and recycling. There were many games and activities set up about the large space usually used for practical classwork, including a chalked out area for students to experiment with featherlight charms on paper aeroplanes to see which model would fly furthest: the planes would be constructed using history of magic assignments that were over a decade old, which had evidently never been returned to the students who had submitted them. There was also a space for students to work in pairs, building a shelter using nothing but magic and an old newspaper, and one long workbench was adorned with over a hundred empty drinks cans (plus some more stored in boxes beneath the bench) for the competition to see who could crush the most cans in a minute.

The main competition - advertised on the posters for several months, now - was for the best submission of anything made from recycled waste: it could be something functional, like a pencil pot, or something beautiful, like a piece of artwork. Another long workbench was assigned for submissions to be displayed: a small pile of entry forms (which included spaces for the entrant’s name, yeargroup, original item(s) recycled and a short description of the final product) were upon the bench. Myfanwy would judge the competitions herself, as she considered herself the most qualified individual, in terms of knowledge of reducing waste and protecting the planet, that Rocky Mountain International had to offer. Several vendors in Pearl Street had generously donated some prizes, which Myffi was looking forward to distributing to the winners of the assorted competitions.

Before the event could properly get underway, however, Myffi gave a ten-minute presentation on the ease and importance of reducing waste in the first place, reusing products where possible, and recycling any unavoidable waste. She gave tips on reducing food packaging, avoiding purchasing plastic if alternative products were available, and on mending or re-purposing rather than throwing away, She finished with a few pictures of assorted garbage islands around the globe and innocent animals being mangled in a variety of ways by rubbish that could easily have been recycled. The Lyra invited questions and then welcomed staff and students alike to engage in the various activities. Myffi would be milling around for the first hour, able to provide information to anyone who wanted to know more, and then she would set about judging the competitions and distributing prizes. It was a fun and educational event and she was immensely proud to have arranged it.

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    • A little chit-chat is in order - Katherine Kendrick, Wed Jun 13 16:28
      “You haven’t given my sister a ring yet,” Kit said matter-of-factly, coming up to Myffi after the older girl had finished talking about the environment. Kit had listened - well as much as Kit ever... more
      • Nothing here is in order - Myfanwy, Thu Jun 14 05:19
        Myfanwy was unsurprised that the first student to approach her after the presentation wrapped up was Kit. The younger Lyra always had a mouthful of questions, which Myffi usually did her best to... more
    • A first and a last - Dardanius Dubois, Mon Jun 11 10:06
      His time at Rocky Mountain International was almost up. The term was winding down to its end with predictable markers - Quidditch championship, musical production, examinations - denoting how little... more
    • Here's hoping I did this right... - Marley Chapman, Sun Jun 10 18:47
      It was almost the end of semester and Marley was so relieved to be almost done. She loved school, but wow this year had been exhausting! Lyra had lost the Quidditch finals, which hadn't felt quite as ... more
      • I'm sure you did it perfectly - Teal Rosse, Tue Jun 12 00:56
        Teal Rosse wasn’t one for being eco-friendly, despite her family’s influence. Her dad’s parents in particular were big old hippies — Grandma and Grandpa Rosse named Teal’s two Aunts Sunshine and... more
        • Nvm that doesn't matter anymore - Marley, Tue Jun 12 14:04
          Wait, what? It took a few seconds of staring for Marley to process what the other girl meant. "Ohmygosh!" she finally squeaked, a big smile unfolding across her face. All worries about whether her... more
          • You are what matters - Teal, Fri Jun 15 07:39
            Okay this was way better than Teal’s original plan, because that plan involved waiting until later, and now she got to see Marley now , and she got to see Marley’s whole face light up. Teal was sure... more
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