Marley Chapman
Here's hoping I did this right...
Sun Jun 10, 2018 18:47

It was almost the end of semester and Marley was so relieved to be almost done. She loved school, but wow this year had been exhausting! Lyra had lost the Quidditch finals, which hadn't felt quite as disappointing as it should've, probably because her attention had zoomed straight from Quidditch to the Little Shop of Horrors production. Acting out the role of Mr. Mushnik had gone much better for her than Beating; it had been amazing getting to be on stage with so many of the older students and she had tried hard to learn from them, watching Marissa carefully for dance tips and the Leo-and-Emmett dynamic to improve her own genderbent acting and Holland for new makeup inspo and even Ruben, although less to improve herself and more to make sure she didn't step on some part of his crazy plant costume that went with the potted exotic Professor Bennett had loaned them. She only hit the wrong notes a couple of times, and both her parents had reassured her afterwards that it wasn't that noticeable and her performance was overall really good. Dad had even brought her flowers! Not a bushy bouquet, just a few long-stemmed colourful carnations and a fern tied on the side for extra greenery, but it was pretty and between that and the compliments from some of the other students, she had practically fallen asleep smiling later that night. The play was definitely the highlight of her last month of third-year, and possibly of her entire third-year too.

Her exams and final papers so far seemed to be going alright as well, she thought, but not flower-worthy. And focusing on studying so hard for so many classes had meant that she didn't hang out with her friends as much the past while, which was even more not flower-worthy and left her feeling a bit guilty besides. Friends shouldn't take a lower priority than school. (Not even Claudia, who certainly wasn't a friend, not after saying such rude things in her letter, and yet still she felt an uncomfortable poke inside her belly when they were in the same room because she just missed their old friendship, okay? Why did people have to change? And why did she have to keep thinking about her when she already didn't have enough time to spend with people who were actually her friends? It wasn't fair.) At least if nothing else, she had resolved to drop some of her eight classes next year so that she could have a more balanced life. Marley hadn't yet talked about that with Counsellor Tennant, but she'd mentioned it to Kaz when he caught her last week resting with her eyes closed instead of observing the crystal ball on her desk - and no she hadn't been sleeping, for real, she was just resting her eyes because they got tired after a whole day working hard, and the crystal hadn't been reacting very well to her anyways so was it really any loss? Kaz had said he supported her and also something about how you couldn't properly follow passion if you got the trees blurred into the forest. Marley didn't totally understand what he'd said, but she thought she understood what he meant. Maybe. A lot farther inside the words.

Anyways everything was finally wrapping up, which made it a perfect time of year to get involved in what was apparently RMI's first ever recycling day. How the school had made it through so many years without holding an event like this before, Marley had no idea. She knew recycling wasn't as big a deal in (some parts of) the States as it was in (some parts of) Canada, but surely wizards had amazing recycling programs, right? Like, a facility that broke everything down by magic and transfigured garbage into furniture or whatever. She'd always just assumed that the scrap paper she tossed into the bin at the library wound up being recycled... but maybe she just assumed that because that was how it happened at her Muggle primary school in Toronto. Gosh, it'd be upsetting if magical places like RMI didn't use their magic to reduce waste (or like, Banish it, that would work too, right?). If Muggles were better at recycling than wizards - well good for them, awesome, but also that would be so weird! Seeing Myffi's posters had really got her thinking. Ditto for chatting with the older Lyra about it while weeding the AgriClub plot. And listening to her Recycling Fair introduction now.

Wincing at the image of a seagull with a plastic bag wrapped tightly around its beak, because oh gosh the poor birdie, the dark-skinned teen glanced down at the (thankfully) cloth Safeway bag hanging from her hand. Marley had really debated what to submit for the repurposing contest, in large part because she couldn't decide how much magic she could get away with without it being considered cheating. For instance, Reparo-ing old pencil stubs into whole useable pencils was obviously cheating and also wouldn't be very interesting to view, but what about using a Sticking Charm instead of tape or glue, which she would've had to use fresh rather than recycled (and which were both environmentally damaging options)? Was that allowed? It was a fuzzy line, and so she had wound up with two small things to submit in hopes that if one was rejected for use of magic, the other would be considered OK.

Approaching the bench, Marley took out her magic-using submission first. It was definitely the one she was prouder of. She'd taken a few socks with holes worn in the heels; the patterned socks she had carefully cut out into nice shapes, and the one boring old gray sock had been cut into larger oblong pieces. Then her limited sewing skills had been put to use to sew the fun bits onto the background almost-circles. Then came the hard part. Marley wanted to make them into patches, like the iron-on patches that she had been slowly accumulating on her secondhand denim vest to make it her own, but she had no idea how to make sock fabric into iron-on fabric. And so she had salvaged old pins from her bag of Remembrance Day poppies (which she felt like she should feel guilty about except she didn't, really. She'd kept the poppies all these years because throwing them out seemed Bad but you weren't supposed to actually wear them for multiple years because that was worse. Surely it was better to do something with them now than nothing ever...). A Permanent Sticking Charm, and then ta-da, instead of iron-on patches she had pin-on patches! It wasn't what she had set out wanting to make but she was happy with it. In fact, it made her sorta wish that her own patches had pins instead. It would make it a lot easier if she ever decided to, for example, move the coiled purple snake that said "Feminisssssst" from the back of her shoulder to the front, or change the angle of the C3PO head. Oh, well. She was happy with her own patches for now, and she could probably find a spell that'd work if she really wanted to move them.

She was partway through filling out the "description" section on her entry slip when it occurred to her - should she describe how she made it? Including how she had to use a charm? Glancing over to another student at the bench who also looked to be filling out their own slip, Marley waved her pen to get their attention, offering a friendly grin. "Hey! Um, how much detail are you describing yours with? I'm not sure how much to write. Like, are you also writing about the process to make yours?" she rephrased, nodding at their item (and giving it a curious look-over as she did so). "Or d'you think it's sorta assumed everyone used a mix of Muggle and magic techniques to make it and the description just has to be about the what, not the how?" Probably it didn't matter tooooo much, but she didn't want hers to stand out in a bad way and raise questions, especially if everyone else - or even just one other person - had also resorted to Sticking Charms.

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    • Here's hoping I did this right... - Marley Chapman, Sun Jun 10 18:47
      • I'm sure you did it perfectly - Teal Rosse, Tue Jun 12 00:56
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          • You are what matters - Teal, Fri Jun 15 07:39
            Okay this was way better than Teal’s original plan, because that plan involved waiting until later, and now she got to see Marley now , and she got to see Marley’s whole face light up. Teal was sure... more
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